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Dong Shin Visibility Status – July 09

Week of 07/27

  • changes to Ingestor for Roles/Classification management
    • listTables() working – need ingest working
    • change and
    • changed table structure in the database, table_data, uid to id.
    • added IngestConfirmWindow to IngestManager
    • added getColumnHeaders to,
    • added listColumnHeaders to
    • added Roles and Classification for file selected to IngestVBox.mxml
    • addes ad ColumnRenderer.mxml for Roles column selection
  • Started working on Tables Management util.
    • added tables management to ManagementUtilsText
    • TableInfoOjbect, TablesManager, TablesMgmtPanel
    • added getTablesTree() to
  • added user id to autoingest; FlexAutoIngestRow, IngestManager, AutoIngestor,
  • allowClose=false not working!!!!! added menu item to bring IngestManger back in case it’s closed
  • changed Canvas to ManagedCanvas to utilize Windows menu – abandoned because ManagedCanvas doesn’t support allowClose=false
  • added menus to IngestManager – disabled unnecessary ones for future use
  • added createTable() and constructor to to fix error when there TABLE_INFO table doesn’t exists.
  • SecurityUtils moved to ManagementUtils for accessing SecutiryUtil Objects
  • integrated LoginScreen.mxml to IngestManager

Week of 07/20

  • added tableinfo table to keep timestamp info when data gets ingested
  • added timestamp info to the returning table list and to return the data, server
  • Finally solved build problems; checked out the complete project, overwrite the changes…. NEVER CREATE new projects in Flex/Eclipse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • create table if not exists added to handle merge – Server
  • File Browse button added to AutoIngestConfig, but directory cannot be appended to the filename… hardcoded path to C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat 6.0/webapps/Visibility2/uploads/
  • rearranged serverLog, ingestPanel, and debugPanel so that it lays out better
  • chaged all java files to utilize new log4j implementation
  • implemented AutoIngestorServlet to utilize AutoIngestor with preset interval defined in web.xml
  • TomCat servlet can be used with Timer.schedule
  • could not find a way to log with scheduled task. abandoned idea of using the scheduled task
  • Create a Scheduled Task –
  • Java Service Wrapper successfully set up AutoIngestor as a service – C:UsersDong ShinDesktopwrapper-delta-pack-3.3.5
  • Created C:Program FilesApache Software FoundationTomcat 6.0webappsrunAutoIngest.bat to run AutoIngest from command line
  • Started looking into Java Services for windows
  • rebuilt flex projects with the improved logger. Had compile issues, but Flex Build Paths settings needs reset.
  • started FlexMySQLAdmin to experiment database interface using amfPHP and Flex
  • Change project compiler setting for AMFPHP – -services “services-config.xml”

Week of 07/13

  • Enable/Disable buttons on IngestPanel according to user selection
  • Set up XAMPP to use different port: 8080, disable SSL.
  • Added merge option for data ingest – client and server (07/16)
  • Added merge option for automatic data ingest configutation – clien and server
  • data uploader now hidden under Upload File Control – client
  • changed Table Name setting to use all lower case to match DB tablenames – client
  • changed Server return of boolean to readable message – server
  • merged data uploader with ingestor – client (07/15)
  • delete table added  – client and server (7/14)

Week of 07/06

  • changed dynamic panel on IngestPanel to  SaveStatePanel – client
  • IngestPanel now not closeable…
  • added AutoIngestConfigVBox for configuration of auto ingest – client and server
  • deleted old Data Ingestor codes – server
  • created new for better interface and control – server
  • File Ingest support all xml and xls files in one window – client
  • added filter for each supported ingest file type – client
  • added existing database tables to view o the ingest panel  – client

Wednesday Log (7.29.2009)

7:00 – 4:30

  • Deployed new VIS2 at fort. Problems with screenshots and excel export
  • Went over next two week schedule with Dong and Mike
  • Proposal work for VIS2 next phase

ingestor updates 07/29/09

  1. point to data – file location
  2. show columns to specify filtering
  3. select roles and classification columns
  4. select overall role – current user or something else
  5. select users
  6. set ingest schedule

Tuesday Log (7.28.2009)

7:00 -3:00

  • Meeting at the fort this morning with John and Anne. Basically to discuss what it would take to put together schedule and cost for finishing VIS2 and also doing form input
  • Got roles working in ManagementUtils
  • Built a method for Dong to get whether one role is above or below another
  • Worked with Mike to get the Excel exporter working
  • Burned disks for tomorrow’s deploy attempt.

Mike – Week of 7/27/09

  • Added Export to Excel button and backing code
  • Added screen shot button and backing code
  • Helped Tom with checking out and building code
  • Added delete dashboard feature to save dialog
  • Deployed latest version inside
  • Met with Anne to discuss new features and take her input
  • Selected column and chart and now properly saved / loaded
  • Debugging issue with Excel export and snapshot
  • Added change password feature to log in page
  • Implemented the find panel list

Monday Log (727.2009)

8:00 – 4:00

  • Making role addition work when there are no roles to attach to. Done
  • Need to upload new role tree. Which means I need a RoleInfoObject – Done
  • Meeting tomorrow with John Williams

Friday Log (7.24.2009)

6:30 – 1:30 (3:30 actual, but with 2 hr lunchtime appt)

  • Deployed this morning. The scheduled task didn’t occur – windows (sigh). Also made the _wtfPanel invisible.
  • Working on getting role panel up and running. Role loading and tree manipulation are done. Need to upload the results. Also, maybe add an xml ingester to save work?
  • Doctor’s appt. today at noon.

Thursday Log (7.22.2009)

7:30 – 4:30

  • Deployed, but had a tough time doing so. It looks like the exception handling in the Flex logger that Mike wrote is making the code go off and hang – not sure where. After we realized that, everything went reasonably smoothly.
  • Changed the ManagementUtilsTest to be menu driven
  • Need to add role configuration and login screen (with backdoor, for original install)

Wednesday Log (7.22.2009)

7:30 -4:30

  • Deployed and talked to Mike C about rosterbillet for a while
  • Working on dashboard management – done
  • Need to add a create and delete table control – done
  • Need to add a roll management panel too.

Mike – Week of 7/20/09

  • Finished up logging changes, wrote short guide, provided support for changes
  • Created log in screen and connected it to user management remote object
  • Connected the save / load feature to the remote object