Monthly Archives: December 2009

Phil 12.31.2009

8:30 – 4:30

  • Snow!
  • Deployed new version at site
  • Working on documentation – but from home, since there is still no water pressure here…
  • Finished Desktop and Menubar.

Phil 12.30.2009

7:30 – 4:00

  • There seems to be a problem with queries that are very long, like the type that get produced from the “Details” tab. If they are long enough, the query never seems to get to the server. Need to look into that.
  • Got snapshots working, while procrastinating on documentation
  • More documentation – Index page is done, working on Desktop and Menus
  • Burned a copy with the snapshot fixes and blank-selecting desktop in it. Deploy tomorrow.

Phil 12.29.2009

7:30 – 3:30

  • Cold and windy today – gusts of 50mph! Brrr.
  • Deployed the new Vis2 with extended logging and found out that I had not saved my desktop image. D’oh!
  • Need to make it so that you can set the desktop to blank – done
  • More documentation
  • Need to make screenshot work with unique counts and maps. Not sure how that will work, since the image is calculated on the server? Nope, the image is sent to the server. And snapshots work now!

Phil 12.28.2009

7:30 – 3:30

  • Showed Mike C the map component. He’s going to see if he can put together a reasonable HR dataset for it.
  • Need to burn a disk with for deployment tomorrow
  • Working on end user documentation

Phil 12.24.2009

7:30 – 3:30

  • Deployed map-capable Visibility. It’s still having problems loading the default image.
  • Added logging to initial desktop image load
  • Sent a note to Mike about the icon loader
  • Made a bunch of small fixes to mvnAssist. At version 1.7.3

Phil 12.23.2009

7:30 -4:30

  • Nothing new at the fort
  • Could it be? MvnAssist is ready(ish)
  • Moved the Map tag to the Accordian on AdvancedQueryWidget
  • Afternoon all hands meeting – need a charge number

Visibility Status Dec. 2009

Week of 12/29

  • Working on form view panel
  • Forms can now be save into database
  • Working on XML schema for the form component display.
  • Abandoned the idea of integrating AppBoard SDK for displaying form components
  • MvnAssist v1.7.3
    • changes made by Phil
    • released to laureldemo

Week of 12/21

  • Appboard_SDK checked out, built
    • integrating with FormBuilder
    • XML format is somewhat tricky, tried to contact Travis, no luck.
    • Setting components (Draggable) to generate XMLs instead of from FormCanvas.
  • MvnAssist v1.7.1
    • FileInstaller updated (phil)
    • released to laureldemo
  • MvnAssist v1.6
    • added UserSetttings to manage flexmojos and corp repositories
    • released to laureldemo

Week of 12/14

  • MvnAssist v1.3
    • fixed Flex Licensing problem by adding license dependency
    • released to laureldemo
  • MvnAssist v1.2
    • fixed a bug for incorrectly generating jar/war
    • released to laureldemo
  • FormBuilder
    • RemoveChecked from Table Management removes fields selected
    • Add a Field adds a field, but Save Table must be invoked.
    • Field Size change need to be added
    • Change Field Name works

Week of 12/07

  • MvnAssist v1.0 released
    • Flex server could not be configured
    • added code to modify .flexProperties and .project
    • now supports Air Application, Server Application, and Flex Library
    • deployed to LaurelDemo
  • FormBuilder
    • CreateTable
      • Select Create Table TitleWindow
        • table name
        • number of fields (ComboList and TextInput)
    • CreateTable canvas
      • DataGrid to edit fields information
    • FormBuilderPanel
      • using FlexObjectHandles v. 2
        • a bug in line 265 and 450 added to avoid null exception when up/down/left/right keys pressed
      • Up/Down/Left/Right moves the component 1 pixel at a time
      • SnapToGrid checkbox
      • Grid added to FormCanvas using degrafa
      • components can be snapped to grid
      • closest horizontal/vertical grid lines highlight (white)
  • examine Degrafa for FormBuilder

Week of 12/01

  • Completed use-case development of Form Builder
  • DBFormBuilder
    • FormBuilder panel
      • list of databases
      • columns of selected database
      • columns strucure
      • drag and drop columns to FormCanvas to build a form
    • TableManagement panel
      • list of databases
      • CreateTable canvas
      • ManageTable canvas
  • mySQLIf servlet completed

Phil 12.22.2009

7:30 -6:00

  • Everything is running well at the fort. No bugs from the ingest fixes
  • Meeting with Anne at 10:00
  • Plans and Goals meeting today
  • Add a “color” column detector to the map widget

Phil 12.21.2009

8:00 – 4:00

  • Still digging out from all that snow
  • Cami in, turned on my laptop, and discovered that Vista had pretty much blown away my personal settings. No desktop, no bookmarks. Grumble.
  • And text smoothing. And screen resolution. WTF?
  • Fixed my problem with the umap library not downloading. Had installed it as a “swic”, not a swc.
  • Got the uMapWidgetMvn working in my sandbox. Need to set some properties and put it in Visibility. Map is in and working
  • Add a “status to color” method in EdgeUtils – done

Phil 12.18.2009

7:30 -11:00

  • Deployed fixed code on site
  • Worked with Dong to see why flexmojos wasn’t working properly in mvnAssist – fixed
  • Working on deploy of third-party swcs