Monthly Archives: January 2010

Mike 1.31.10

  • Disabled most accordions and tabs by default until they have data to display
  • Added tooltips to most accordion tabs and tab navigator tabs

Phil 1.29.2010

8:00 – 5:30

  • Showed John W how to use the ‘like’ SQL command
  • Found out some about LDAT. It does look like something useable
  • Took 90 min off to deal with kitchen construction issues
  • Starting on the TextPanel – Got it so that I can save and load a panel, but if I try to save a panel that has been reloaded, the <span> information does not change…

Dong 01.29.2010

  • deployed MvnAsst 1.7.6
  • added images and icons to look pretty(?)
  • figured out how to get user permissions from single SQL joining three tables; db, user, and user_info
  • created four users
    • form_admin – admin account
    • form_owner – form builder account
    • form_developer – form developer(?) account
    • form_user – form user account
  • user levels set when a user logs in

Phil 1.28.2010

8:00 – 4:00

  • Gave a link to the edgeDemo account to Jeff
  • Got VAccordion working
  • S14 meeting at 1:15
  • Need to do a text box that ties into visibility desktops.
  • Got VAccordion working. Had a bit of a problem with the left-right alignment, but got that dealt with by setting textAlign in the VBoxes
  • Used mvnAssist to deploy flexlib 2.4 to our repo

Dong 01.28.2010

  • reworked processTextInput in FormViewerCanvas to use ObjectWrapper and WrapperManager instead of getChildByName…..
  • Save: data now can be inserted to the formbuilder database using forms through FormViewer
  • deployed MvnAsst 1.7.5
  • LoginScreen now functional, but haven’t attached any permissions yet.
  • Cancel: clear the canvas
  • Reset: clear all the TextInput fields

Phil 1.27.2010

8:00 – 5:00

Dong 01.27.2010

  • working on attaching scripts/codes to form components
  • created FormEvent and FormEventHandler
  • created FormButton and FormTextInput
  • SQL can now be constructed with FormViewer!

Dong 01.26.2010

  • removed old FormBuilder project from SAND_BOX and recreated with new code
  • got bar, pie, line, column charts working like Visibility in Query Builder
    • uses AdvancedDataGrid with CheckBoxHeaderRenderer from GenericQueryWidget.swc
    • modified version of createNumericData from QueryWidget
  • DatabaseAdvDataGrid implemented to support QueryBuilder

Phil 1.26.2010

7:30 – 5:00

  • Tried to replicate John’s problem with no luck. For me at least, everything is working fine.
  • Installing Mike’s changes.
  • Now that I know that TextFlow can’t, well, actually *flow* text, I’m trying to figure out what might be a reasonable solution. Maybe a text widget for annotating items in VISIBILITY.
  • Numerous meetings
    • Theresa Young
      • FACTS is the Financial Accounting and Corporate Tracking System. It’s part of FMS – Financial Management Solutions. Need to find out what platform it’s based on. It’s a way of tracking money as it moves from target through obligated to outlay
      • All interaction is through a web interface. No one seems to know about a machine-machine interface.
      • If we can get a ‘BF-5’ person, they can explain more info as it pertains to S14
      • BF-5 is the ‘general ledger’. There are some good people that we can talk to
      • Janet Davis -chief
      • Arlin White Sr. Exec
      • Alex Smith – Sr. Exec to Comptroler
    • Impromptu demo of VISIBILITY to Jeff Cooper and his boss(?). They want to use VISIBILITY to do something with their dataset. Could be as high as 100,000 rows

Mike 1.25.10

  • Lots of testing, mostly saving/loading different things, fixed a few bugs and checked in the new charting options
  • Condensed several buttons in to a ComboBox to converse space