Monthly Archives: April 2010

Phil 4.30.2010

7:30 – 3:30

  • More financial disclosure
  • Teleconference with Juan Lopez – 937-255-6565 ext. 4637  at 10:45
  • Getting close with Maven – It looks like we have a RAM problem. We need 64 and we have 32. Dong is asking for more

Dong 04.30.2010

  • Nexus Maven Repository running out of memory….
  • Only 32MB available for Tomcat
  • Tried Artifact and same results – out of memory error
  • Charts working – need to add more data
  • Working on changing User Management for centralized management instead MySQL login management – this is due to the installation issues…
  • Requested additional 32MB ($5 extra per month!) for Tomcat, will see if this resolves the Nexus issue.
  • Telecon with Juan in OH
  • install README created – hold until Maven and software are ready.

Dong Shin 04.29.2010

  • unable to retrieve files from LLSERVER because the disks are in RAID…
  • found some backups on the external and restored Nexus Maven stuff, still restoring some other stuff for Brian, 53GB!
  • uploaded the Maven back up and reconfigured the Nexus server, not sure if everything is restored…. lots of stuff there, though.
  • Horizontal Accordion added to the FinancialInfo for charting
  • trying to figure out how to transform the datagrid data for the charts….

Phil 4.29.2010

7:30 – 4:00

  • Worked on Financial Disclosure
  • Organized clutter in VISIBILITY tables
  • Waiting for Dong to get the maven repo set up. Without that, we can’t compile, because our jars and swcs come from the repo.
  • Meeting at the fort for lunch
  • Got the algorithm for role tree updating working. Once maven and subversion are all working, I’ll roll it in and test.

Phil 4.28.2010

7:30 -3:30

  • Tried to move example tables to example_xxx and demo tables to demo_xxx. It looks like I need to some other table manipulation other than just changing their names
  • Long meeting with Michelle Griffith of LDAT. Some good progress. She’ll be coming out sometime next week.
  • Still moving in and setting up
  • Sent Tom some example files so he can get started on the new documentation effort

Dong Shin 04.28.2010

  • more moving stuff, settling in…..
  • set up SVN accounts for Phil, Mike, and myself
  • backing up and restoring Maven Repo….

Phil 4.27.2010

7:30 -4:00

  • Set up some new LDAT accounts
  • Got Brian’s data
  • Move! – Done, although setting back up has not included the lab
  • Starting on RoleTreeUpdate.

Dong Shin 04.27.2010

  • moved to Columbia!
  • SVN repo back up keeps failing….. stopped Rev. 936
  • SVN backed up and restored with Rev 1294
    • Used svnadmin dump & svn load
    • svn://
    • need to set up svnsync with Phil’s server

Phil 4.26.2010

7:30 – 3:30

  • Set up some new accounts and read in some data. The LDAT folks seem to be liking what we can do.
  • Got an idea about adding roles. When a role tree is updated (setRoleTreeRoot), it resets all user roles because we don’t know what the ids are going to be. Instead, make it so that the new role tree is compered against the stored role tree (getRoleRoot) and only changes are added.
  • Demo of VISIBILITY with Anne.

Dong Shin 04.26.2010

  • Moved the blog to new site
  • Reconfigured users
  • svnsync again….
  • deployed nexus.war to – admin password changed
  • backed up and restored wiki