Monthly Archives: May 2010

Phil 5.28.2010

7:30 – 9:00 VISIBILITY

  • Made sure everything was working and checked on email. The place is *empty*

9:00 – 4:00 FP

  • More fixing Dprint changes
  • With Tom’s help, got the whole system working
  • Added Singleton DataDictionary. Need to do this to Dpring

Dong Shin 05.28.2010

  • working from home
  • changing CollapsiblePanels of FinancialDataSetCanvas to DynamicPanels and putting it in ManagedCanvas… done
    • start with minimized – hitting some performance snags on Maximize.. disabled for now
    • disallow – Maximize, Close
  • Disabled future date selection on Invoice Date Entries – only past dates and today are allowed
  • Invoice Form and Datagrid switched – Form on top, Datagrid on bottom
  • only PM Actuals row can enter invoice data on Financial Data
  • uploaded to

Phil 5.27.2010

7:30 – 10:00 VISIBILITY

  • Checked to see that everything was working and prettied up edgeDemo a bit
  • Quick meeting with JW. Next time will be Tuesday
  • Meeting with Anne. Some discussion about form builder. We’ll get together next week to put together some slide shows
  • Went over status with Dong

10:00 – 3:30FP

  • Got Dprint working, though I wasn’t able to get it to handle the mapping from ‘…’ to va_args for my version of printf.
  • Fixing all the stuff I broke adding Dprint into the constructor for Executive and State
  • Working on Dprint(). Got the basics working.
  • Next, add to base control classes

Dong Shin 05.27.2010

  • foreign key and delete constraint added on fundings table to obligations_outlays table so all the related financial data gets deleted when a funding is deleted
  • fixed a bug not showing Appropration Text on Create Project Panel
  • added appropriate title for SelectProjectWindow
  • add/remove Budget Center (Fundings) working
    • few bugs found and fixed….
    • removed add/remove buttons from Project Viewer
    • Only ModifyProject can add/remove funding
    • added few validators – check for duplicate Budget Centers, empty list
  • changed HAccordion to TabNavigator for FinancialDataSet
  • Alert formular changed to less than previous month, skip NULL values
  • fixed a bug highlighting wrong column for current month in Financial Data Viewer
  • Summary Data uses FinancialSummaryDataDGItemRenderer so that only Goals are highlighted
  • fixed Summary Data when $ value is 0, nothing is shown

Phil 5.26.2010

8:00 – 4:00 (3 hrs FP)

  • Deployed VISIBILITY with sideshows and improved user management
  • Deployed Dong’s new SWF
  • Sat down with JM and filled up a page with notes. Handed off to Dong
  • Got glut bitmap printing working (FP)
  • Now I need to set up a logging object . Started. (FP)

Dong 05.26.2010

  • replaced main canvas with EdgeUtil’s ManagedCanvas
    • panel.minimizePanel () not working??
    • ManagedCanvas.setLayoutManagerIndex (n) is required!!!
  • added runSQLArr to ProjPortfolioMgrServer
    • allows multiple SQLs in one connection, merge all the results if any
    • MySQLIf.swc changed accordingly (executeSQLArr method added), installed, deployed
  • Feedbacks from JM
    • Modify Project title added to select project
    • Project Delete button added and works
      • moved Obligations Outlays Goals to separate table
      • created foreign key constraints for fundings and obligations_outlays tables
    • Added additional fields to Create Project Panel
      • Project Mgr, Project Admin, Portfolio Mgr, Portfolio Admin
  • setting autocommt to false caused all kinds of SQL failures…..

Phil 5.25.2010

8:00 – 5:00

  • Added a PMP role under S2A
  • Added PMP folks to VISIBILITY
  • Left a note with JM on progress
  • Testing role update
  • Also looking at new web hosts, since kinda sucks:
    • ( baseline:
      • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 156/327/442/348
      • 6.7% packet loss
      • tracert hops: 13 hops
    • (
      • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 62/176/315/162
      • 11.8% packet loss
      • tracert hops: 9 hops
    • (mediatemple)
      • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 84/256/406/260
      • 13.3% packet loss
      • tracert hops: 16 hops
    • (dreamhost)
      • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 77/171/284/170
      • 15.4% packet loss
      • tracert hops: 21 hops
  • A lot of this delay seems to be coming from us. When I ping these sites from a dreamhost server, I get much better numbers. There is no packet loss at all, and the times are better (in the case of mediatemple, they’re phenomenal)
    • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 1.8/2.0/2.1/0.09
    • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 78/78/78/0.078
    • ping (min/avg/max/med) – 87/88/88/0.268
  • Struggled with the role code for a while, until I realized that the actionscript object can come across to java with the children Lists being null. All seems to be working.
  • Burned a disk of VIS2 and PPM.

Mike 5.25.2010

The blog is so fast!

May not have a reliable internet connection for the next few days but I’ll be working on the following:

  • Testing all layout managers with the slideshow and loading widgets in various states
  • Trying to connect the scale bar to the slideshow
  • Improving transitions

Dong Shin 05.25.2010

  • funding combobox finally working – using events to set the label because ItemEditor gets destroyed before update
  • added Project ID (project_number in the database)
  • enabled Proj Portfolio Manager CB in Create Project Panel
  • Project ID and Title shown on Financial Data Input Panel (Project Viewer)
  • hide debug panels (Local and Server)
  • Project Fundings can now be removed and added on Project Editor
  • uploaded to
  • remove Funding Request from menu
  • Funding Request can be generated from Project Editor

Dong Shin 05.24.2010

  • going through the list of changes from JM’s feedback
  • allow ‘.’ in login field
  • changed the second password label, Confirm Password
  • removed full name
  • removed email
  • removed xml
  • removed contact info
  • ADD User refreshes Manage User panel
  • Modify Project edits data
  • Enter Financial Data shows Project Viewer
  • moved the New Funding to top of the ComboBox- not behaving well….

To Do

  • Add project ID
  • Finish Edit Project