Monthly Archives: June 2010

More Wheatstone Bridge Notes

  • Wheatstone bridges tested and working.  The 5th one had a loose connection on the positive signal line but is working now.
  • Made a slight error  in orientation.  The Amplifier is actually in the reverse order of the bridges.  The bridges go E+,S-, S+, E- and the  amplifier is E-, S+, S-, E+.  Tis means you have to cross the connections.
  • All terminals are wired and ready to be attached to strain gauges and amplifiers.
  • Best to position it so Amps are on the left side of the bridge, where ever we end up placing it on the unit.  This allows you to have testers in your left hand, while making calibration adjustments with your right.  Doing this in reverse is annoying to say the least.

Mike 6.30.2010

  • Fixed a bug with multiple selection and the map widget
  • Any selections made in the map widget are now reflected in the data tab of the AdvancedQueryWidget
  • Tried to help Phil with some build problems but of course when you expect something to fail it works just fine…
  • Added a “New Widget’ button to the network widget.  Clicking it while in either the map mode or the connection list will spawn a new AQW with both the selected nodes and any connections that refer to them.

Dong Shin 06.30.2010

  • prepping PPM for demo
  • found some bugs
    • fixed SQL error on saving Funding Request after initial save
    • fixed SQL error on saving Project after initial save – reload of Funding data required….
  • cannot use uid as a property/field name as it’s reserved… causes datagrid to go nuts!
  • added changedFlag to Funding Request, used for Close Confirmation
  • removed Tab focus on Validators, added Alert

Phil 6.30.2010

7:30 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • Deployed new VSS
  • talked to JW about documentation and querylog
  • Need to request 4 Flexbuilder 4 licenses – done
  • Need to write up description of why we need PRIVAC – done
  • Walk through PPM with Dong and burn a new disk – done. Still some possible problems with null pointers in the “Enter Financial Data” section, and the contract info isn’t in yet.
  • My code works fine on Mike’s machine. If rebooting the laptop doesn’t work, it’s probably time to install a new version of Eclipse.

Wheatstone Bridges complete

  • Completed 5 wheatstone bridges.
  • The connection go from left to right with the side of four on the bottom: SG 1 connection A, SG 1 connection B, SG 2 connection A, SG2 connection B, E+, S+, S-, E-.
  • Ran out of space on the last one so I had to put it on the other side the connections are still in the exact same order as the bottom, its not mirrored.  It is a little messy compared to others but hopefully it works.
  • Still need to wire the terminals but the hard parts done.

Dong Shin 06.29.2010

  • changing DIRECT CITE to datagrid
    • create direct_cites table and added delete cascade on funding_request table
    • AddDirectiCiteWindow, DirectCites.mxml created to handle multiple direct cites
    • Funding Request panel remains after save
    • subsequent save overwrites previous one
  • added ‘%’ to the goals

Phil 6.29.2010

7:30 – 11:00 VISIBILITY

  • Verified PPM meeting with Trish for 9:00 Thursday
  • Script runner for Querylog is working fine
  • Looked some more for the source of my memory problems. I’m thinking that it might have to do with where I’ve put the images folder. Sent a note to Mike asking him to try it out in his environment.
  • Burned a new copy for Scripting

11:00 – 4:00 FP

  • Adding the wrist actuator and possibly the fingers
  • Got everything up to the finger mounts installed. Next will be the fingers and the base.
  • KF System with linkages and finger mounts

Feldman Project Wheatstone Bridges

  • Using resistors which are significantly higher then the resistance of the strain gauges, makes the bridge not able to be balanced.
  • Using resistors which are significantly lower then the resistance of the strain gauges, makes the bridge to sensitive.
  • If we ever have a reason to needs something to be ultra sensitive, 1k ohm resistors would be good otherwise, stick with 1.3k ohm.
  • 5 more Wheatstone bridges in production.  Need more 8 prong terminals and 4 prong connectors to  complete them (which I’ll get tomorrow).

Mike 6.28.2010

  • Added labels to the StatusList item renderers on AdvancedQueryWidgets
  • Added the ability to change what field the labels were pulled from at run-time (not easy)
  • Added multiple selection to the StatusList
  • Selection changes made in the status list are now reflected in the data tab of AdvancedQueryWidgets
  • Added selection and multiple selection to the map component

Dong Shin 06.28.2010

  • fixed SQL Error on AddUser
  • AddUserForm modified to use on Registration, all the fields are shown
  • fixed Create Project Panel now showing after logout
  • Funding Request
    • remains open when saved
    • removed Certify and Accept buttons
    • corrected Obligation Amount not loading
    • all the contact fields are editable and stored in the table