Monthly Archives: July 2010

Mike 7.30.2010

  • Still working on autocomplete text area
  • Have a popup list with options popping up correctly when I press ctrl+space, may add smarter logic for this later but this seems fine for now
  • Popup currently always appears in the top right corner of the text area.  Finding the x-y position based on the caret index in the text field may prove complicated so I’m saving it for once the proof of concept is working

Keil 7.30.2010

  • Still working through Flex in a week tutorials – learning how to bind dynamic data with UI components.

Phil 7.30.2010

7:30 – 5:00

  • Demo’d new version of PPM
    • Entry forman need to extend years to match the number of years in the appropriation goals
    • Summarize by appropriation, and add the appropriation to the summary title
    • FY line needs to be between Sept and Oct. (or we need to switch to tabs)
    • The number of years there is funding for should dictate the number of entry forms there are. If the budget has a few years where the funds are zero, those don’t need to be shown. There is at least one project that has a budget for 8 years
    • Need to be able to add FY years to an existing project
    • If the PM doesn’t hit a goal, a dialog needs to pop up asking why. There are apparently 5 questions that will be provided to us next week
  • Walked through changes with Dong. He thinks this will take two weeks., and is going to take the opportunity to rewrite the financial entry form.
  • Filled out radio expense report. I am getting *nothing* done today…
  • We got on Steadfast! Looks nice and fast.
  • More MvnAssist
    • Putting a POM inside an existing project does not work. I can’t get it to build with maven
    • It looks like the installation of FB4 has broken flexmojos. They look for template files that they can’t find.
    • Going back to trying to import working project files, since nothing else looks like it will work.
    • It looks like the problem may be tied to the compiler settings. When I try to see them, I get a null pointer error. Also the build path window flags an error as well
    • Not making the path to the pom files correctly. Need to include the version and other bits when assembling the string in PomDom.flexMojosStandin().
    • I may be getting grief from the server settings. Falling back to creating a non-server project. That compiles and runs. I have to make the html container, but FB puts that in for you. There is a security problem:
      • SecurityError: Error #2148: SWF file file:///C:/Users/phil.feldman/Desktop/test/myProject2/bin-debug/Main.swf cannot access local resource file:///C:/Users/phil.feldman/Desktop/test/myProject2/bin-debug/framework_4.0.0.14159.swf. Only local-with-filesystem and trusted local SWF files may access local resources.

Dong Shin 07.30.2010

  • Fixed a bug allowing duplicate Appropriation types – not case sensitive!
  • created new Flex project – MySQLBrowser
    • moved all MySQLBrowser source from PPM to the new project
  • added end FY to Create Project
  • Budget Center/Funding increases/decreases based on the end FY
  • added duration to Appropriation table to keep years length…

Phil 7.29.2010

7:30 – 5:30

  • Helped Clift out with MvnAssist
  • Walked through PPM with Dong. Burned a CD for deployment tomorrow
  • Back to MvnAssist. Built a zip inflator. turns out that you have to build the directories and set the permissions on them with File() before you put the files in with FileOutputStream.
  • Worked on the design of the new office with Brian

Dong Shin 07.29.2010

  • moved the Real/Float number filtering stuff to new component, DoubleTextInput
  • set minimum year for Appropriation to 2
  • fixed bugs
    • showing ‘.’ on Appropriations
    • refresh display on Appropriations save
    • changed Clear to Close
    • Appropriation Management Panel gets deleted on close

Phil 7.28.2010

7:30 – 4:00

  • Coordinating with Clift about getting Flex projects working with Maven
  • Can’t get a flexmojo archetype for Flex to behave with Flashbuilder4. The compiler throws a null pointer error and neither Dong or I can really see why. I’m going to try a different strategy and see if I can just pull down a full basic project as a zip file, change some things and use that.
  • Ran all the properties files through dom4j. They all still work
  • Wrote a file downloader
  • Tomorrow, write an unzip method.

Dong Shin 07.28.2010

  • changed queries on FinancialDataDataGrid to use new obaligations_outlays_goals table
  • Create Project and Funding Request uses only “LOCKED” appropriations
    • added getLockedData () to
  • Reset Password added to User Management
  • added TextInput filter for double/float numbers on Appropriations…. may need to add it to other itemEditros
  • packed up PPM for demo/testing, looks good on mine.

Mike 7.27.2010

Working on AutoComplete TextArea:

  • There doesn’t appear to be any open source (or even publicly visible closed source) text areas with an auto complete popup
  • There are at least 4 auto complete text input components that function a great deal like ComboBoxes
  • The best of which seems to be:
  • I’ve started using this example to create a custom TextArea that will have similar behavior
  • I estimate this component will be around 1500 lines and take at least a week (433 lines so far)

After that’s done there are 2 parts left I can think of:

  • Figure out when to open the autocomplete popup (may depend on language).  For example, the Flex one opens after a period, colon, typing “override public function”, hitting ctrl-space, and probably other special occasions.
  • Figure out what to use as the dataprovider (auto complete insert options) which will definitely be language and possibly context specific

Dong Shin 07.27.2010

  • modified ContractsCanvas to have dynamic GridRow/GridItems
    • empty columns at the end
    • added Style for GridItem – borderStyle:”solid” doesn’t work?
  • ApproprationManagement changes
    • initialize data with 0’s
    • removed icons
    • status field added to Appropriation table (Lock status);
    • Lock button added
    • Delete added
    • all buttons added Save Confirmation on data change
  • incorporating Appropriations changes to Financial Data DataGrid