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Christine 11.30.2010 (& 11.29.2010)

This encompasses what I’ve done over the past 2 days.

  • Emailed Phil about next task (Mavenizing AirFileImageApp)
  • After dealing with some checkout issues, got the application and am familiarizing self with code
  • Began reading documentation about Maven (from Apache site); running through examples using Maven

Dong Shin 11.30.2010

  • PPM changes
    • got rid of Horizontal Scroll bars from most of the panels and Financial Data Datagrid to make it look better
    • heights of the Financial Data Viewer and its sub components set to show entire datagrid and its associated data
    • expanded width of the charts in Financial Data Viewer
    • fixed a bug Financial Analyst (NSA) not showing added user on Create Project Panel
    • added ToolTips to filter ComboBoxes on Project Mgmt Panel
    • reduced the widths of the Filter ComboBoxes
    • set default font to Arial 12pt
  • SmartEditor
    • successfully load and map dictionary and stylesheet
    • syntax highlight not behaving right

Phil 11.30.2010

8:00 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Backups are working smoothly, and the size of the backup is growing more slowly. Most of the data must be in the DB by now
  • Testing Dong’s PPM code
    • Narrower clamp on comboboxes in Project Management
    • Tooltips in project management comboboxes
  • Looooooooong discussion with Mike about data architecture for Vis4
  • Meeting with Anne? Yep – showed all of the VISIBILITY suite. Not sure what happens next

FP –

  • Brought in wire for Tom

Dong Shin 11.29.2010

  • fixed App size for PPM and enable Browser scrolling
    • set Application’s width, height, minWidth, minHeight
    • changed html templates to enable browser scrolling
      • body { margin:0; padding:0; overflow:auto; text-align:center; background-color: ${bgcolor}; }
    • disable horizontalScroll on panelsCanvas
    • continue working on SmartEditor
      • load external CSS file
      • load external dictionary in XML

    Phil 11.29.2010

    7:30 – 3:30 VISIBILITY

    • Deployed cpPlusDate and mvPlusDate, which are working just fine
    • Made backups
    • Talked to John W. He’s going to try to set a demo of PPM with Kathy and the new TD for early next week.
    • Chris(tine) has finished Flex in a Week. She sent me a not asking what to look at next. I said to look through AirFilImageApp to get aquainted with a larger project, and start to get familiar with Maven and the flex-mojos. Once she’s done with that, she can start updating MavenAssist to build Air apps correctly.
    • Digging into FlexXB
    • Worked with Dong on getting a new version of PPM to play with the browser window a bit better
    • Since I really don’t want to build a generic serializer (again!). I’m thinking about the components that all our applications seem to need. The thought is that maybe we build some higher-level components that have self-serializing functionality that can be put together in simpler ways than a straight mxml experience. My list of visual components so far is:
      • Login
      • DB Table/column browser
      • Charts
        • The regular, data, bar, column, pie
        • Unusual – maps, status, network
      • Data grids
        • for looking at tables of numbers or…
        • Excel-style spreadsheets
      • Data entry forms
      • Formatted output
      • Special widgets, such as speedometer-style displays
    • To make this work we need a communication framework to the server that either simply (or automatically) sets up tables to talk to these forms.
    • Lastly, there needs to be an authoring/administrative level that creates ids for applications (to aid with data partitioning), and that supports our scripting.

    Mike 11.29.10

    Time to start blogging again…

    What I’ve done since being back:

    • Moved most of my workspace from my old laptop to the shiny new one and finagled admin on it
    • Spoke with Phil and Brian about the new project and broke it down in to several smaller but still huge pieces:
      • Some kind of dynamic swf loader which will manage “apps” and communication between them
      • A data manager responsible for handling all data requests and syncing data changes with the server
      • An interface for writing and executing scripts on the server
    • Worked on a prototype swf loader
      • It’s currently capable of loading a swf which is not actually a stand-alone swf that is simply display in a container but treated more as a bundle of classes.  Each class in the bundle is loaded in to memory and a new instance of whatever is needed can be spawned
      • Classes are registered with a static ModuleManager and when events are thrown requesting a new app by name (full class-path name), a new instance is created and added to the main stage
      • Created several samples “apps” which contains chart / text / datagrids and static data.
      • Created a “Debug” app containing the logger datagrid but having some difficulty with it.  It’s throwing weird errors complaining that the datagrid columns have zero width.  Need to walk through the debugger more.
    • Created a generic transition for switching between apps and added it to the swf loader
    • Spent some time thinking about the data model and how it should work, have a few ideas about both the flex and java side for a very generic data model

    Stuff on the immediate to do list:

    • Get a configuration file read in by the SWF loader containg connection info and swf module URLs
    • Get a data model started
    • Try loading some data from XML files directly in to the flex data model (before trying to connect to a java server for data)

    Dong Shin 11.26.2010

    • working from home
    • working on SmartEditor (?) – need to rename this
      • created xml for SQL reserved words
      • XML data and TextFlow working together, but cursor works weird
      • found AS3SyntaxColoring and TextAreaLineNumbersSkin
      • combined both and works well together
      • added new keywords and styles
      • need to load XML and styles on load

    Christine 11.26.2010

    • Completed Unit 5 training and related exercises

    Phil 11.26.2010

    7:00 – 4:30 – VISIBILITY

    • Deployed my new copy, which works fine, though it has one diagnostic print statement in it. Need to fix that
    • Fixed the bugs, and added move capability. The executable looks at the name it was called when executed and adjusts its behavior. If the file is called cpPlusDate, it will copy. If it’s called mvPlusDate, it will move. Uploaded the files to my ftp site (since we still need CDs!), to deploy on Monday. Also committed to subversion.
    • Looking at ways to have a user build a form online and then use it.

    Christine 11.25.2010

    • Continuing with Flex in a Week training:
      • Unit 5, Ep 1-6 and related exercises

    Happy Turkey Day!