Monthly Archives: March 2011

Mike 3.31.2011

  • Got the image element working within reports
  • Got the navigation tree and scroll to section functionality working
  • Expand all and collapse all buttons are now working
  • Started looking at deep linking and url links within reports…

From within a report a user will be able to link to both external websites and link internal components such as opening a different report through a text link.  Users will also be able to link to specific reports / saved desktops from external sources using deep linking.

Looked in the to the ability to use hrefs from within flex components.  Link coloring is defined from within style sheets and without any definitions they will blend in with the rest of the text.  It is also possible to modify the href url so a flex event is thrown instead of immediately opening  a new webpage.  This will allow me fine grain control over how links in text behave.  More details are listed here.


Dong Shin 03.31.2011

  • updating MySQLIf
    • base classes created; Table and Column
    • XML parsing of column definitions that can be used both client/server

Phil 3.31.11

7:30 – 5:00 VISIBILITY

  • They are calling for snow tomorrow. That is the same tomorrow that is the first day of April tomorrow. The one that is 12 days into spring. That tomorrow. Here’s hoping it’s an April fools prank and that it will actually be 72 and sunny!
  • Adding an actionscript computed F test class. Done and working. Going to extend that to handle contrasts
  • Tomorrow:
    • Add contrast columns
    • Extend Ftest class to ComplexContrast class
    • Add adjustments for number of contrasts and pre-post hoc.

Mike 3.30.2011

  • Continuing to work on making the the Reporting UI work with data from the database
  • Have a full text report loading from the database and displaying through a ‘File > Open…’ menu system
  • Got the navigation tree working for the report (minus the scroll to selection bit)

Still need to add the following for it to be up to the prototype’s perceived capability

  • Tables
  • Scroll to navigation
  • Document search
  • Comments integration

Christine 03.30.2011

Wow. Just realized it’s been a while since I put in an entry. This is why I don’t keep my own blog.

  • Last week I spent time looking at the differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 and how that would affect the the Ingest Manager rewrite (utilities it will be using since some are still Flex 3)
  • Created the initial Ingest Manager layout in Maven format and imported into Eclipse.
  • Keeping with F4, wrote code using containers for multiple content areas (breaking up header, footer and main content).
  • Incorporating ManagementUtils LoginScreen into code
  • Continue to receive a maven error on project build, even though it hasn’t affected my output. I also can’t seem to fix the issue. Has anyone seen the following error before:

    3/30/11 1:41:40 PM EDT: [ERROR] .m2/repository/com/adobe/flex/framework/spark/[-1,-1] Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: [mx.core]::IDeferredContentOwner.
    3/30/11 1:41:40 PM EDT: Build errors for IngestManagerF4; org.apache.maven.lifecycle.LifecycleExecutionException: Failed to execute goal org.sonatype.flexmojos:flexmojos-maven-plugin:3.8:compile-swf (default-compile-swf) on project IngestManagerF4: Error compiling!

  • Found some fun URL issues when initially created the pom. In the original Ingest Manager, is used instead of This was causing me a headache until I discovered the fix. Was that the original URL before

Phil 3.30.11

7:30 – 6:30 VISIBILITY

  • Installing updates – windows, java, adobe. Let’s see if we can break *everything*!
    • I broke most things. A fix that is mentioned a lot in the forums and helped me was to UNINSTALL all my old Java SDKs/JDKs/JREs and then install the newest one fresh. After that, all was well
  • The computer is running faster now, though…
  • Doctor’s appt at 9:15
  • Going to try to write a straight F test function using R.
  • Checking up on the state of my account on the new server
    • Turns out that you need an ADMIN account to request a root account for a server. Put in a ticket. I wonder what’s going to be next?
  • Spent some time looking at the programming OOP in R. Looks doable, but different enough from C++/Java/Actionscript that I’m going to get a book. In the meantime, I’m going to calculate the F statistic in Actionscript and hand that off to the qf(.05,dfnum,dferror,lower.tail=F) function in R to see what I can do with it that way. In a way, it’s kind of nice, in that the processing load is kept on the client.

Phil 3.29.11

7:30 – 6:30 VISIBILITY

  • I think the new Firefox is slowing down my computer…
  • Added a lot of post hoc tests into the ANOVA widget. In the process, I discovered something really cool here: It turns out that you can get the straight critical F values directly out of R using this:
    • qf(.05,dfnum,dfdenom,lower.tail=F)
  • Yes, I know that doesn’t seem all that awesome, but it does mean that I can put some functions together to calculate these things from the basic math, and get some of the flexibility that I’ve been looking for. Whee!
  • Applied for an account on our newly active server.
  • Copied all the webapps folders and sql databases to move over to the new server.

Dong Shin 03.29.2011

  • created MySQLIf.jar library
    • moved over all existing SQL methods and cleaned up
    • added DBTable class to handle creation of tables from SELECT statements

Phil 3.28.11

7:30 – 6:30 VISIBILITY

  • It’s freaking cold outside.
  • Filled out server paperwork
  • Found some R code that will run Dunnett. It runs on fgmdev too!
  • Loaded up a new version to fgmdev. Minor fixes. Dunnett tomorrow?
  • Discussion with Mike about versions of BlazeDS
  • Asked Dong to put script output directly into VISIBILITY rather than having a table viewer.

Dong Shin 03.25.2011

  • WebIDE
    • worked with Phil to sort out read input stream issues
    • “bash -i” should not be used as it just echoes the prompts to std out
    • “csh -i” seems working well
    • non Windows OS grabs the prompt matching regex, “\[.*\].*%\s” (Java formatted, may have to tweak it to work with other OS)
    • checked into the SVN