Monthly Archives: October 2011

Phil 10.31.11

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Lots of paperwork today.
  • Was finally able to add status to the server blog
  • Got the last bits of the scaling/translation math working:
	private var _newButtonDown:Boolean = true;

	private function init():void{
		listenerGroup.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_WHEEL, handleMove);
		listenerGroup.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, handleMove);
		_xpos = chart.width/2;
		_ypos = chart.height/2;
		_scaledWidth = chart.width;
		_scaledHeight = chart.height;


	private function handleZoom(event:Event):void{
		_scalar = scaleSlider.value;
		var m:Matrix = chart.getLayoutMatrix();

		m.a = _scalar;
		m.d = _scalar;
		var s:Number = chart.width*_scalar;
		_scaledWidthDelta = s - _scaledWidth;
		_scaledWidth = s;
		s = chart.height*_scalar;
		_scaledHeightDelta = s - _scaledHeight;
		_scaledHeight = s;

		m.tx += -_scaledWidthDelta*0.5;
		m.ty += -_scaledHeightDelta*0.5;
		_dx = m.tx;
		_dy = m.ty;

		chart.setLayoutMatrix(m, true);

	private function handleMove(evt:MouseEvent):void{
		var m:Matrix = chart.getLayoutMatrix();

				_newButtonDown = false;
				_xpos = evt.stageX-_dx;
				_ypos = evt.stageY-_dy;
			_dx = evt.stageX - _xpos;
			_dy = evt.stageY - _ypos;
			_newButtonDown = true;

		m.a = _scalar;
		m.d = _scalar;

		m.tx = _dx;
		m.ty = _dy;
		chart.setLayoutMatrix(m, true);
  • Next, incorporate into Mobile code.
  • Before that, fixing the multiple select from search bug in GenericScroller

Dong Shin 10.31.2011

  • working at home
  • PPM Widgets
    • all requested changes are done
    • added help text to the Financial Data Entry Navigator
    • changed the login button to defaultButton
  • PPM
    • added project lock/unlock on Project Edit

Tom DeVito 10.28.2011

Start:  2:30pm

  • Spent the first half of the day putting up our office window insulators.
  • Added methods to the interfaces class to change the data which has pointers in the datadictionary.
  • Added methods for displaying the volume and pressure data.

end : 6:00pm

Dong Shin 10.28.2011

  • PPM Widgets
    • Lock project when using Financial Data Navigator
    • skip records that have $0 budget
      • disabled in FY DropDownList
      • also skip in overdue list
    • added scrollers to FMP and Invoice Forms

Phil 10.28.11

8:00 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • Tried to update the server journal, but no luck. Talked to Denise about it. We’ll try a few things on Monday
  • Working the dragging problem. Going from local to stage coordinates helped some. Progress!

Tom DeVito 10.27.2011

Start: 9:00 am

  • Tutorial for openGL in FLTK:
  • Added the boxes for GLwindows in the interface
  • Named the components to make it easier to program.
  • Made note of the position and size of the components because I may want to make the finger parts a class
  • Made it so double clicking on any of the GL boxes initiates a bigger window.

End: 5:00pm

Dong Shin 10.27.2011

  • went to Fort, the VR hasn’t been approved yet.
  • PPM Widgets
    • changed the labels for the month navigation buttons
    • changed the way Financial Data Navigator starts up.
      • when there are overdue financial data, show first overdue on start
      • when there are no overdue financial data, show current FY and month
    • current Identifier added to the title of the Financial Data Navigator
    • changed the label per request (show # of total overdue when navigating overdue data, otherwise show total # of overdue data)
    • changed the colors of the Navigator

Phil 10.27.11

7:30 – 3:30 VISIBILITY

  • Meeting with Tangie
    • Contract Month should read First, Prev, Current, Next, Last. THere is no need for the << symbols
    • Selected contract month does not show up in combobox
    • If the user navigates using the comboboxes rather than the buttons at the bottom, the total number of entries should change to “X of Y records incomplete” and only the “<<First” button should be enabled
    • Common information is still missing from the header (Could be in the title bar for the panel)
    • Don’t show the (FY xxx – Yeay y) string after the X of Y string
    • Add the word “Records” to the “X of Y” string
    • Add scroll bars for financial mitigation if the browser is too small – save buttons do not appear
    • Add scroll bars for enter invoice if the browser is too small – save buttons do not appear
    • Change “Financial Data Overdue (X) to “X overdue records remaining”
    • Skip records that have zero values, just as is done with PPM
    • Add project locking to widget
    • Change the background to gray (0xAAAAAA), uneditable fields to light gray (0xCCCCCC), and editable fields to white
  • Tangie and I talked a bit about how to make the demo work. I think a good way to do this might be to show the linkage between the two tools. Make a fake project, fill it out and then update using the tool. We can use the meeting to find people whou would be interested in being early adopters.
  • Back to zooming pie charts. Zoom works, but I don’t like it. The pie chart is placed within a 1000 x 1000 s:Group and scales within that. Panning is very flaky too.
  • Need to make sure that cancel clears the selection event.

Dong Shin 10.26.2011

  • PPM Widgets
    • overdue project navigation – done
      • load list of overdue financial data and compare it on financial data retrieval
      • enable/disable buttons based on the current financial data loaded
    • ditched Spark ButtonBar in favor of Buttons because it’s easier to manage
  • burned a CD for PPM and Widgets for tomorrow, hoping my VR is ready.

Phil 10.26.11

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Pie charts! Fixed. Now adding gestures
  • Restarted the server, and set it to automatic
  • Had a discussion with Denise about how we’re going to coordinate updating
  • All hands lunch
  • Rewrote laser pointer whitepaper and sent to Morgan