Monthly Archives: September 2012

Dong Shin 09.28.2012

  • modified SearchBox in SeachableDataGrid
    • use DataGridSearchFilterHBox schema
    • add red to matching text/string
  • changed AlertDataGrid to use SearchableDataGrid
    • if verticalScrollPolicy=”on” is not set, the columns resize misbehaves….

Dong Shin 09.27.2012

  • continue working on Alerts
    • Alert Filter – done
      • by people, programs, MIPRs, status, duration
      • checkboxes to select matching data, multiple selections in each category is OR and multiple categories selection is AND
      • duration calculation for timestamp field
        • DATEDIFF(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, timestamp)
      • no selection will return all the data
      • added search/filter on local dataprovider
  • some nice datagrids for search and filtering data
  • cool software of the day!

Dong Shin 09.26.2012

  • continue working on Alerts and Alert Comments
    • working through interfaces – adding comments, alert status changes done
    • mx:DataGrid wouldn’t work correctly with variableRowHeight and wordWrap set to true, changed to spark:DataGrid… works better, but not perfect.
      • old ItemRenderer would not work with s:DataGrid… spark uses s:GridItemRenderer
    • working on filtering data

Dong Shin 09.25.2012

  • went to Fort to talk to Jessica
    • Create Project bug reported by Jessica – caused by incorrectly set permissions, fixed by changing permissions thru Roles Management
    • Alerts
      • statuses – Open, Acknowledged, Closed (action)
      • need comments (required on Close status) per user
      • everybody on project gets alerts
      • single alert per users
      • Alert acknowledgements to PM’s only
    • Funding Request open bug?
      • would not finish loading certain FR, clicking an item in menu somehow finishes it up. Doesn’t happen on other FR’s, though.
  • increase phpmyadmin session timeout
  • continue working on Alerts
    • changed alerts table structure – added four types of users (list separated by comma)
    • reworked AlertsDataGrid for the new structure
    • added AddCommentWindow – kicks in when Alert is closed
    • Double click on Alert DataGrid show AlertsEditWindow
      • add comments implemented

Dong Shin 09.24.2012

  • continue working on Alerts
    • OPEN alerts must be acknowledged on login – done
    • working on Alert Mgmt for Admins
  • manually installed Flex 4.6 SDK doesn’t allow Design View – unsupported version?
    • downloadig Flash Builder 4.6
    • managed to blow away 3.5 sdk, ugh! Using 3.6 would not compile PPM!
      • changed all projects using 3.5 SDK to use 3.6, it comples and runs now. I guess 3.5 is not needed after all..

Dong Shin 09.21.2012

  • continue working on Alerts Mgmt
    • created database/table – resources/alerts_table_setup.sql
    • use PPM’s setupModel.xml to read in table info
  • ProjectAssistant project behaving weird.. just like ResizableControls
    • MX components (DataGrid) not found, couldn’t fix by changing project configurations. Ugh!
    • created new project and moved the sources/resources over. it now works

Dong Shin 09.20.2012

  • changed Library Path of PA to use ResizableControls project instead of linking Maven one, and got weird errors
    • Unable to locate specified base class ‘spark.components.Group’ ERROR
    • downloaded, installed 4.6 SDK. same error
    • created a new project and copied source over, now it works
    • renamed old to ResizableControlOldMaven checked in the new project
  • received Alerts requirement doc from JR, reviewed it, added more stuff, and sent it back
  • working on Alerts Mgmt in PA

Dong Shin 09.19.2012

  • at Fort this morning to check on things…
    • everything is well, no bugs! yeah!
    • went over the JR’s bugs list and changed the statuses
    • Excel exports from Visibility are in String, JR was having problem converting columns to Numbers… selecting columns and convert it into Numbers wouldn’t work, manually entering cursor would do the trick. But this would be done in every cell? not very efficient.
  • finished up search capability in Database Mgmt panel

Dong Shin 09.18.2012

  • forgot the credentials to access SSH and database, contacted Tom and got the info…
  • reworking Database Mgmt panel
    • moved label and nav buttons to bottom
    • added support for search tables
      • fields separated by space and uses OR

Dong Shin 09.17.2012

  • spend some time setting up DEV environment
    • centralized all settings to C:DEV
    • new XAMPP includes Tomcat 7!
    • configure Apache to use mod_jk to forward webapps request to Tomcat – httpd.conf and httpd-ssl.conf
  • fixed ant script (build.xml) errors for ProjPortfolioMgr
    • need TOMCAT_WEBAPPS environment variable to be set (C:DEVxampptomcatwebapps)
  • aboutWindow always shows for ProjPortfolioMgr