Monthly Archives: January 2013

Dong Shin 01.31.2013

  • presentation for Col. Duke – went pretty well!
  • finished up adding FMP View button – a new window and lots of back communications
  • FMPs are now required for only Reported Actual Obligated and Outlay $ Reported in FACTS, others are ignored.

Phil 1.31.13

7:30 – 3:30 ESSO

  • Brought in a new version of vis2, but the colors still don’t work quite right for a three-element chart
  • Making larger text looks as straightforward as setting up the magnification and sizing appropriate to the conference room screen.
  • Tooltips will still be a problem. Need to get the magnification value passed to them.
  • Need to include the name of the Label Column when loading from XML. Fixed. For some reason I was forcing the _labelColumnField to the name of the 0th column in WidgetBase.setColumns. Dunno why.

Phil 1.30.13

8:00 – 4:30 ESSO

  • Presentation prep
    • Need to add the ability to sum across rows in the value views. This might be doable in advanced queries. Need to check further.
  • Fixed the color mapping functions to have more variation so that colorblind users can see the pie charts.

Dong Shin 01.30.2013

  • prep for Col Duke’s presentation
    • latest data generation (script) and ingest – set to run every morning
    • alerts ingested – need to fix the script that contains the Stored Procedure
      • temporary and memory
    • went over the charts with Chris
  • FMP’s should only be Obligations and Outlays – tabled for discussion later
  • continue working on FMPs for PA

Phil 1.29.13

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Worked on getting all the data in the data visualizer for Col Dukes’ presentation on Thursday. 
    • Cleaned out a lot of old code, files and cruft in general.
    • Had problems getting the ingestor to swallow alerts. Diagnosing this lead to a problem with Projects Under Budget. We’re about halfway through the fix for all that.
    • Loaded up the latest COGNOS data
    • Integrated Comitted with the rest of the FY13 data
  • Javascript
    • Chapter 6, or how to do OO when there is no such thing as a class in JavaScript.
    • JavaScript prototypes are most peculiar.

Dong Shin 01.29.2013

  • spent most of the morning working on queries and reports
    • got Committed ingested for FY13
    • cleaned up Ingest Manager data, Scripting
    • ingested FY12 data
  • working on adding FMP to PA
    • modify table – financial_mitigation_plans
      • ALTER TABLE `financial_mitigation_plans` CHANGE `type` `type` VARCHAR( 50 ) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Obligation'

Dong Shin 01.28.2013

  • spent most of the day working out queries and scripts for FY13 presentation for Col Duke
    • still need Committed from COGNOS
  • few bugs
    • FMP’s didn’t show for PM’s and Admins – Explained to Carla how it works
    • Add a “View Financial Mitigation Plans to Monthly Status View in PA
    • Add an “Outlay” field for NSA staff so we can tell the difference between the site outlay expectation and NSA expectation
  • working on adding View FMP to PA

Phil 1.28.13

9:30 – 5:30 ESSO

  • Ice storm this morning. Yuck. Still, the best traffic I’ve ever seen in the region.
  • Spent most of the day with Dong working out the queries to get the FY13 presentation running from the project_portfolio database. I think it’s all working, with the exception of the data that needs to be input from COGNOS. A couple of issues:
    • Committed is not showing up in any of the plots. Need to look through this with Dong.
    • When Lenny tries to bring up the slide show, the charts do not populate. I think this is a permissions issue.
    • Need to make sure that a transition is not required when running a slide show.
  • Still need to import FY12 COGNOS data. Tomorrow.
  • Back to Javascript. Done with Chapter 5.

Phil 1.25.13

7:30 – 1:30 ESSO

  • Meeting with Lenny, Carla, Tangie and Tom(?). We walked through their list of items thatneed to be modeled. Looks pretty straightforward
  • Backups
  • JavaScript

1:30 – 3:30 FP

  • Wrote up the Synthetic User proposal for David and Samir.

Dong Shin 01.25.2013

  • Master Spreadsheet meeting – worked out most of the details
  • working on queries for Col. Duke’s presentation
    • created projects for each of Capabilities and Appropriations
    • built a query to retrieve PM Actuals grouped by capability
      • SELECT CONCAT(capability, ‘_’, TRIM(TRAILING ‘(FY10)’ FROM appropriation), ‘_PM_Actuals’) as Name,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 1, month_1, 0) )AS OCT_2012_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 1, month_1, 0) )AS NOV_2012_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 1, month_1, 0) )AS DEC_2012_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 1, month_1, 0) )AS JAN_2013_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 1, month_1, 0) )AS FEB_2013_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 1, month_1, 0) )AS MAR_2013_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 1, month_1, 0) )AS APR_2013_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 1, month_1, 0) )AS MAY_2013_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 1, month_1, 0) )AS JUN_2013_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 1, month_1, 0) )AS JUL_2013_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 1, month_1, 0) )AS AUG_2013_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 1, month_1, 0) )AS SEP_2013_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 2, month_1, 0) )AS OCT_2013_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 2, month_1, 0) )AS NOV_2013_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 2, month_1, 0) )AS DEC_2013_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 2, month_1, 0) )AS JAN_2014_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 2, month_1, 0) )AS FEB_2014_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 2, month_1, 0) )AS MAR_2014_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 2, month_1, 0) )AS APR_2014_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 2, month_1, 0) )AS MAY_2014_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 2, month_1, 0) )AS JUN_2014_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 2, month_1, 0) )AS JUL_2014_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 2, month_1, 0) )AS AUG_2014_FY13,
        SUM(IF(o.year_count = 2, month_1, 0) )AS SEP_2014_FY13
        FROM obligations_outlays o, budget_centers c, budget_amounts a
        o.year = 2013
        AND (o.year_count = 1 OR o.year_count = 2)
        AND o.type = ‘PM Actuals (Invoiced) Outlay $:’
        AND c.uid = o.funding_id
        AND c.uid = a.budget_center_id
        AND a.year = 1
        AND (capability = ‘TRCO’
        or capability = ‘ACC’
        or capability = ‘GCC’
        or capability = ‘MCC’
        or capability = ‘CCRSE’)
        GROUP BY Name