Dong Shin 02.28.2013

Phil 2.26.13

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Went to burn a disk this morning but my “deploy” directory on Google Drive had not updated the vis2 swf. Dong’s zip files were there, And the assets directory had been touched. Odd. This could be from the new workspace install.
    • Verified that the files had been written into the right place. They’re just not updating. Somehow the files aren’t getting marked…
  • Deployed new PPM and PA
  • Checked out the Town Hall venue and made sure that the Data Visualizer would show up well.
  • Need to be by 7:30 tomorrow to support Town Hall
  • Burned a disk with new versions of PPM and Vis2
  • Lots of fun JavaScript today. YUI is nice and solid. The “plugin” components are particularly nice. Here’s a draggable, resizable square:
<style> #demo {     width: 100px; height: 100px; border: 1px #000 solid; background: #d72;     position: relative; } </style>
<div id="demo"></div>
<script src=''></script> 
    YUI().use('dd-drag', 'dd-proxy', 'resize', 'resize-constrain', function (Y) {     
        var resize = new Y.Resize({ node: '#demo' });
        resize.plug(Y.Plugin.ResizeConstrained, {minWidth: 50, maxWidth: 200});
        var dd = new Y.DD.Drag({ node: '#demo' });     
        dd.plug(Y.Plugin.DDProxy); }); 

Phil 2.25.13

7:30 – 3:30 ESSO

  • No response from Dimitri WRT Webstorm request – Ping’d him – he’s going to do something?
  • Created slideshow for Chris. Still need budget info
  • Deployed a new Vis2 with tooltip zoom. It goes way too far. Scaling back to 1 – 4 is more than enough.
  • Two bugs
    • PPM – Data is not rolling up correctly in all fields, seems to only take the first project. The example to test against is ACC – AGS O&M (174596). It’s a real bug. Printed out some screen
    • The obligated amounts are not showing up on the charts. It looks like when we changed the tables we forgot to change the query. Fixed

Phil 2.22.13

7:30 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Meeting with Chris, Tangie, Carla and Tom.
    • Make the tooltip larger
    • MIPR-based query
    • Did the math on John P’s project and it turned out to be correct, but the “overview” line items had only three rows when there should have been 5. That and the Funded Budget is still dissapearing.
    • Tangie needs to follow up with her person who was having the amfsecure problem
    • Need to make slide show of scaled panels on Monday
  • Working on adding slider for tooltip scaling when FB started to freeze. The only fix is to create a new workspace, check everything out of SVN again and rebuild.
  • Done. Burned a disk with the new version.

Dong Shin 02.21.2013

  • deployed new PA and went over with Chris B., few notes
    • need to be able to link a project to multiple MIPRs and a MIPR to multiple projects
    • Remove ability for user at the lab to adjust the FACTS outlay cell
    • Update the planned obligation/outlay pop up – if the planned obligated amounts is less than the funded budget amount the pop up needs ton continue until it matches or is more than the funded amount
    • verify totals in the project mgmt screens are adding up
    • MIPR 172356 not setting funded budget in PA from committed in funding request
    • Add search feature to “project to create funding request”, (Actually, all dialogs in PPM)
    • Need a better way to navigate large lists in “Add New Item” ComboBox
  • tried to duplicate the Funded Budget problem….. will debug on site tomorrow
  • All Hands at WCC

Dong Shin 02.15.2013

  • deployed new PPM and PA – didn’t go well,
    • PA’s Project list behaving weird, graying out all projects.
    • Refresh need after Planned Values update
    • SQL Errors. Test with multiple funding requests – happens when more than one MIPR in a funding request
  • Annoying Adobe support not giving the license for Flash Builder 4.7
  • re-installing Flash Builder 4.6
  • PA changes
    • removed itemRenderer for the project list, keep status itemRenderer
    • add “(NOT FUNDED)” to status for the projects that has no budget
    • enabled Admins to edit NOT FUNDED projects