Monthly Archives: March 2013

Phil 3.29.13

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Backups
  • Got the PIT Crew wish list from Lenny. Putting all of it in the PPM/PA Req’s page (as a GIANT grid. Sheesh!)
  • Back to debugging Flexichart.
    • Yay – found where the xml isn’t getting updated using the SeriesConfig.subConfig_seriesConfigChangedHandler() method I added. The seriesSubConfig.seriesConfig xml is updating but the config xml isn’t reflecting that change. Now I need to find out why…
    • Have not found out why, but here’s the fix. I’ll put it in SeriesConfig.subConfig_seriesConfigChangedHandler() on Monday:
	var targetId:String = (subConfig).@id;
	var changeTarget:XMLList = config.series.series.(@id == targetId);
	if(changeTarget.length() > 0){
		changeTarget[0] = subConfig;

Phil 3.28.13

8:00 – 4:00

  • Viztool meeting? Waiting for Dong’s paperwork
  • Notes from meeting:
    •  Calculate the BASE (“xxBxxx”) and OCO (“xxJxxx”) using the 3rd letter of the program element. Should be no need to have a button.
    • Program Element -> FACTSPE
    • Center Name -> Budget Center Name
    • Center Number -> Budget Center Number
    • Sub Budget Center Name
    • Sub Budget Center Number
    • Total Budget -> MIPR Amount
    • Make the total “Project Budget” grid so that 10 rows will fit in a 1280 x 1024 display
    • Add validator so that Req Number can have only numbers. No characters, or special characters
    • Remove “Contract” from Clamed and Unclaimed
    • Unclaimed:
      • Change “filter” to “Column Preferences” have all possible columns from Cognos selectable, and reorderable. Of particular importance is Req. Number, which should be a default.
      • “filter” should be search
    • Claimed:
      • Change “filter” to “Column Preferences” have all possible columns from Cognos selectable, and reorderable. Of particular importance is
      • “filter” should be search
    • Project Info:
      • Change “filter” to “Column Preferences” have all possible columns from the project data selectable, and reorderable.
      • “filter” should be search
      • Total Budget -> Req Amount
      • FYXX -> FYXX Req Amount
  • Printed out and signed InfoTek’s NDA for Dong and myself. Handed them to Athena.
  • More bug hunting. I had to restore from the repository last night after managing to break the event connection where a series is selected. Managed to keep the “configSeriesChanged” change to SeriesSubConfig and SeriesConfigEvent. I also changed the “Apply” and “Done” events sot that they call methods rather than launching the events directly. This should allow some space to reassemble the xml if I can’t manage to do it anywhere else.
  • Should we be switching over to MariaDB? It’s the open-source successor to MySQL, run by the original developer (and team). Here’s why.

Phil 3.27.13

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Scanned in Dong’s new Program Manager
  • Finished getting the slides working for the proposal
  • Starting to get eventing working the way I think it needs to in FlexiChart

Dong Shin 03.27.2013

  • prep for Col. Duke’s presentation
  • deployed ProjectManager, looks good
  • working on VSS
    • changed variables_values from TEXT to BLOB
      • ALTER TABLE `table_queries` CHANGE `variables_values` `variables_values` BLOB NULL DEFAULT NULL
    • changed variables_values to macros
      • ALTER TABLE `table_queries` CHANGE `variables_values` `macros` BLOB NULL DEFAULT NULL
    • changed all references to variable/variables to macro/macros
    • modified ScriptFacades to use BLOB – convert String to BLOB to store, BLOB to String to retrieve
    • Using Matcher.quoteReplacement(variableValue) to avoid illegal group errors caused by reserved RegEx characters

Dong Shin 03.26.2013

  • prepping for Col. Duke’s presentation
  • burned a CD for Project Manager dated 03.19
  • trouble-shooting FlexiChart
  • continue working on VSS
    • problem with saving variables xml with sql string – fixed by adding a parameter, xml
    • problem with quotes and single quotes in xml….

Phil 3.26.13

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Importing new data into the presentation

Dong Shin 03.25.2013

  • projects in my Flex workspace have disappeared again, ugh!
  • working on variables for VSS’s SQL
    • created a column to store variables in visiblity_scripting.table_queries
      • ALTER TABLE `table_queries` ADD `variables_values` TEXT NULL
    • modified ScriptFacades.dbStoredQuery to look for stored variables and replace with the values stored
    • added ScriptFacades.saveVariables(String, HashMap) to save the variable/value pairs
    • added ScriptFacades.saveVariablesXML(String, String) to save the xml string
    • added new methods to VSS server
    • added variables window in VSS client to view, edit, and save the variables xml string

Phil 3.25.13

8:30 – 4:30

  • The first big snow of the year in in the Spring. So there.
  • A request for my access extension has been submitted. Yay! Nothing on the certs yet though.
  • Sent Thom Lenny’s FY 12 and FY 13 spreadsheets so he can do a pull.
  • Still need to scan and deploy the bug fix from Friday – done.
  • Working on 6 month versions of the FY12 and FY 13 presentations
    • Done with FY12 charts
    • Done with FY13 charts
    • Done with slideshows. Lenny wasn’t in today, so the new data will have to wait until tomorrow.
  • Came into the office to find that my computers were really only partway through their OS updates. And I’m still waiting on my AV software, which is updating as I write this. Sigh.
  • More tracing of the data corruption bug.
  • I am not sure that this isn’t the result of some linking problems. In attempting to step through SeriesConfig, the debugger is getting completely lost.

Phil 3.22.13

8:00 – 4:30 ESSO

  • Asked Chris to renew my access
  • Created 6 month versions of the queries
  • Realized that the trend charts are based on time-specific selections, and that they won’t work with the 6-month rolling window. We are going to have to write a script that updates the dashboard xml to have the correct columns selected
  • Lenny’s chart broke, when pointing back at the 24 month data. To diagnose, we loaded local log and ran again. Something happens after the headers are read in in GenericQueryWidget
  • The values for the config are being changed back at some point. They are ok in ColumnSeriesConfig.commitProperties, but by the time the code hits TrendWidget._flexiChartConfig_configApplyHandler(event:FlexiChartEvent):void, the values are wrong.
  • Burned a new disk for the dateFormatter bug.

Dong Shin 03.21.2013

  • experimented with MySQL’s stored procedure to create 6 month of data for the presentation
    • too complicated and long
  • created a complex python script to generate a SQL that generates FY13 data. After discussing with Phil, it would be better to have SQL Editor/Runner with replaceable variables within the SQL
    • saved off the Python script to