Monthly Archives: June 2013

Phil 6.28.13

Dentist this morning. I appear to still have all my teeth.

Much running around to pick up the car.

FP 10:00 – 2:00

  • Continuing with saving test data. Classes are up and printing correct text to the console. The last step is to add file write and navigation for saving output. Each test should probably write out an XML and CSV file with the same name. A default name could be calculated from teh researcher, subject, sound and timestamp.

Dong Shin 06.28.2013

  • continue working on FA
    • added detailed column info for the columns in Query Builder’s filter list
    • added CheckBox to switch between detailed view and name view

Dong Shin 06.27.2013

  • VizTool meeting
  • deployed new FA, XML config for Query Builder not loading. adding more debugging info
  • continue working on FA
    • moved queryBuilderXML to a separate file
    • fixed sorting problem on Currency(Number) fields in Funding Status
  • ITAR training/review (InfoTek) @ 4

Phil 6.27.13

7:30 – 11:30, 4:00 – 5:00SR

  • The table information is not showing up in the new query screen
  • PIT crew meeting
    • Be able to load documents and associate with a req. and scan for meta info
    • There are Total Allocated problems if there are no req’s
    • Project refresh needs to happen as req’s are added in Total Project Budget
    • Upload data button needs to turn green (or blue) after the upload
    • MA – Mission Assistant
    • Query export to excel
  • Generated a full output of all projects using the scripting system and attempted to export directly to visibility_dev2, which failed (need to add error messages!). After eliminating redundant column names, we were able to publish XML that was then ingested. We then used that to export the XML.
  • A user is having PKI problems. Need to find the test servlet.
  • Export Meeing with Brad

11:30 – 3:00FP

  • Creating a TestResult class with the following information
    • session number
    • test number
    • test type (speed or accuracy)
    • time to lift
    • source position
    • cursor position
    • angle difference
    • speaker volume matrix
    • Also, there will be a toString() and toXmlString() method for output;
  • The TestManager will instance and store TestResults in a container (vector?), which will have the additional fields
    • Researcher name
    • Subject name
    • Sound file
    • Total sessions
    • Speed tests per session
    • Accuracy tests per session

Phil 6.26.13

Remember to leave at 3:00 today!

8:00 – 11:30 SR

  • Backups
  • More training.
  • No response from the patch folks. Still waiting.
  • Walked through the mapping behavior of column names in Query Builder with Dong.

11:30 – 3:00 FP

  • Adding state transitions to app
  • Got the entire test suite running.
  • Added alerts so that the transition between the speed and accuracy tests is more apparant
  • Need to add Exit under the file menu.
  • Subversioned everything!
  • Tomorrow I need to be able to write out the results.

Dong Shin 06.26.2013

Phil 6.25.13

8:00 – 11:30 SR

  • Backups,
  • Deployed Dong’s latest FA. The ingest works. Yay!
  • More soul sucking training
  • There are some SA issues that are coming up that I’m getting concerned about. I wonder if it’s possible to get a real SA (part time?) to take up some of the load and to do the tasks I’m pretty much guessing at.
  • Got on the wait list for two computer security seminars that might help with the above.

11:30 – 5:00 FP

  • Continuing with the test exec. I’m also going to need a class that records the data associated with each test segment.
  • Ran into a… Well, I don’t want to call it a bug. Let’s say that C++ is showing its age. FLTK uses char*. Most of Windows uses wchar_t. They don’t play well together, so I spent about half of my time working out the best way to convert between them. It’s this:
  • void setSoundFileString(LPCWSTR wps){
    	soundFileString = new wstring(wps);
    	string str(soundFileString->begin(), soundFileString->end());
    	sprintf_s(soundFile, "%s", str.c_str());
  • I mean really!? Good grief.
  • Got a lot of the exec built and running. Clicking on the center button fires the sound, and you can drag to where you think the sound is. I am not all that accurate. It could be a frequency thing though. I’m running a low 10-20 HZ signal. The test should definitely try different frequencies.

Dong Shin 06.25.2013

  • deployed new FA – COGNOS ingest works.
  • bug on Total Available – off by a penny? fixed
  • continue working on FA’s Query Builder

Phil 6.24.13

8:30 – 12:30 SR

  • Backups
  • Training
  • Other houskeeping
  • Lenny’s having a problem where some subtraction is not accurate to the penny. Rounding error?

12:30 – 4:30

  • Starting to put together the actual test framework. Found a good open source synthesizer (ZynAddSubFX) that I used to create a pure tone that I then cut down to one second with Audacity. It’s important to note that this app only works with MONO sounds.
  • Building up the class that will handle running multiple sessions.
  • Just a quick shout out to FLTK. I have been adding and adjusting the GUI all day long as I figure out how to run the tests. To add fields, adjust positions and just generally futz around, all I have to do is use the FLUID gui IDE, export the layout as C++ code, add in stdafx.h and compile. It all just works. A great piece of code. FLTK_rocks

Dong Shin 06.24.2013

  • continue working on FA
    • rearranged Type
    • working on mapping of COGNOS data -done!
    • fixed Total Budget in Project Mgmt panel
    • working on Query Builder