Phil 5.21.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • get a new libeay32.dll for the servers. Actually, I fixed it from a newer version of xampp that failed to install correctly. Since we’re not using Apache anyway, this is kind of pro-forma.
  • Deployed new FA
  • Worked up the viztool task hours. So far with 3 of the 16 tasks complete, we spend 20% on-site, 35% directed to tasks not on the list, and 45% on listed tasks. No hours from don on several days though (and no log on 5-15), so this is tentative.
  • WebGL
    • Integrating lines into WebGLComponent – done. Can’t make dashed lines though…
    • Looking at the YUI ShapeManager module from before, and I just realized that things would probably be better if it could extend the current WebGLCanvas. So I’m adding the private local variables to the prototype. Done

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