Phil 5.22.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Traffic was terrible today. Wonder what happened.
  • DB Backups
  • Updated viztool hours.
  • JavaScript
    • Moving dprint entirely to the WebGLCanvas
    • Extending WebGLCanvas to WebGLNetworkCanvas. Interesting. It turns out that you have to have the path to the module declared in the YUI({/*declare path to parent info here*/}).use(/*but parent doesn’t have to be here*/, function(Y){});  section of the root page. Done.
    • Extending WebGLComponent to WebGLNetworkComponent – done!
    • Changed the typestring to be a read-only attribute.
    • After changing the shapes in the extended WebGLNetworkComponent to spheres, I discovered that the reflections had been getting rendered wrong. I went back to the source material and found this example, and reworked the canvas and component base classes. THis means that we don’t get intra-object reflections, but that should speed up performance anyway. Since the skybox is actually rendered now in another THREE.Scene, I can now render reflections independently of the skybox.
    • Needed to get rid of the “skinnable” part of the WebGLNetworkCanvas and the associated css files to make it so that the 3D scene could be rendered over the HTML image background.

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