Dong Shin 06.12.2014

  • working on Query Builder
    • converted old queries to new format
    • reworked __view_total_committed_amount_by_budget_center
      • CREATE ALGORITHM=UNDEFINED DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` SQL SECURITY DEFINER VIEW `__view_total_committed_amount_by_budget_center` AS select `committed_amounts`.`budget_center_id` AS `budget_center_id`,sum(`committed_amounts`.`committed_amount`) AS `total_committed_amount`,MAX(`committed_amounts`.`committed_date`) AS `max_committed_date`, group_concat(`committed_amounts`.`committed_date` separator ‘,’) AS `committed_dates` from `committed_amounts` group by `committed_amounts`.`budget_center_id`;
    • reworked __view_project_detailed_data to include obligation date and committed date
    • going through the user queries….
  • svn migration complete – trying to check out…

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