Phil 7.3.14

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • The JS fix seems to work, though there seems to be a funky modal event that is keeping the module from working correctly.
  • Continue to modularize
  • I think I’d like to get the config items in the configArray to be easily converted to input tags.
  • Added an ‘edit’ button, but I think I’m going to change it to a ‘selected’ radiobox and then have an updated/delete selected button. Done. Working on adding in the needed actions.
    • Close. Updating seems to destroy something…
  • Database backups
  • Switch reports to June
  • Visualization components from dashboard
    • Direct annotation, with some drawing (braces, callouts, etc)
    • Horizontal and vertical bar charts
      • by value
      • by percentage
      • adjacent and stacked
    • Dials (Red/Yellow/Green and Red/Green)
    • Line charts
    • combination (adjacent bar plus line)
    • Scatter against colored BG (Green/Yellow/Red)
    • Automatically updated text.
    • Titles

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