Monthly Archives: August 2014

Dong Shin 08.29.2014

  • added new contract (not COGNOS) and invoice tabs to RA
  • working on Monthly Data Status
    • new query to get status for FA (RequisitionsView.mxml)
      • SELECT IF(ISNULL(oo.month_1), ‘OVERDUE’, ‘CURRENT’) AS status, bc.* FROM budget_centers bc LEFT JOIN obligations_outlays oo ON oo.funding_id = bc.uid WHERE oo.type LIKE ‘PM Actuals%’ AND oo.year + oo.year_count – 1 = 201) AS t LEFT JOIN __view_committed_totals AS ca ON t.uid = ca.budget_center_id LEFT JOIN projects AS p ON t.project_id = p.uid GROUP BY t.uid ORDER BY t.uid

Phil 8.29.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

Dong Shin 08.28.2014

  • change the status in RA to look at PM Actuals (18th is the cut off day)
  • remove DFAS Paid from invoice…
  • working on adding contracts in RA – done
    • asks to add when there is no contracts, asks to complete if contract is incomplete
  • working on adding contracts/invoice tab in RA

Phil 8.28.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Change the “status” algorithm to reflect only the previous month’s PM Actuals.
  • DB Backups
  • Deployed new FR, FA, RA
  • Finished documenting RecordsetPanel and FundingRequestGlobals.
  • Started playing around with how to include a function in a variable’s configuration

Dong Shin 08.27.2014

  • deployed new FA/RA with contract/invoices and lab… not quite working right
    • Fix field changing bug caused by addition of Lab.
    • Lockdown baseline rows so only Admin’s can edit them.
    • Contracts Tab: Use the same fields from Funding Request Form from Contract Details button (Contract Name to Place of Performance)
    • Invoice Tab: Contract Number and ACRN pulled from COGNOS and delete Date DFAS Paid
    • When open a req for financial data entry Contracts pop-up.
    • Move View FMP Button and View Invoices Button to tabs in RA.
  • working on new contracts format…. new from Funding Request Form
    • Structure
      • Contract Name: If these funds will be placed on a contract enter the contract name of that contract.
      • Contract Number: If these funds will be placed on a contract enter the contract number of that contract.
      • Contract PoP Start: If these funds will be placed on a contract enter the contract PoP start date.
      • Contract PoP End: If these funds will be placed on a contract enter the contract PoP end date.
      • COR Name: If these funds will be placed on a contract enter the name of the COR of the contract.
      • COR Email: If these funds will be placed on a contract enter the email address of the COR of the contract.
      • COR Phone: If these funds will be placed on a contract enter the phone number of the COR of the contract.
      • Vendor: If these funds will be used to fund contractor labor, material or travel enter the name of the contractor.
      • Place of Performance: If these funds will be used to fund contractor labor, material or travel enter the place of performance of the contractor.
    • created contracts table….

Phil 8.27.14

8:00 – 6:00 SR

  • Deployed new FR, FA, RA
  • DB Backups
  • Paperwork success!
  • Discussed pulling FR data into FA for creating projects – will need to create a bunch of projects. And try multiline titles and comments to test CSS overflow problem.
  • Doing some much needed commenting
    • PanelModuleTest.html – done
    • RecordsetPanel – started
    • FundingRequestPanel
  • Sent a new version over to Bill for deployment. The commenting is finding bugs.

Dong Shin 08.26.2014

  • grails experiment – 2.3.1
    • changed generated class names to singular – use table in static mapping
    • relation working – make sure ID fields are named correctly
    • got XML/JSON server working – replace json with xml to get xml response
      • /project.json to get a list JSONized
      • /project/index to get an HTML standard scaffolding
      • /project/create.html scaffold for a new item
      • /project/show/1.html scaffold edit item 1
      • /project/show/1.json JSON for item id: 1

Phil 8.26.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Found out that Tabs are Bad Control Characters in JSON. It turns out that I was explicitly allowing tabs and CRs in the regex. No more. Also, the reason that the tabs were there at all (because they should have moved between fields) was because the lines that had them were pasted. Ya learn something every day.
  • FRs will for now be done in Word documents though. The system is too buggy.
  • Added indications about loading and saving to the top of the page.
  • Trap tabs in FR – done
  • Work on “Are you sure?” dialog – done
  • Ran many tests on loading/saving

Dong Shin 08.25.2014

  • added Lab to RA
  • grails experimentation….
    • db-reverse-engineer plugin
    • 2.4 doesn’t work with db-reverse-engineer
    • got it to work with 2.2.0
    • 2.3 and up supports REST API… trying. works!

Phil 8.25.14

8:00 – 2:30 SR

  • Make the list for approval a global – done
  • Add a “required” config for items. Grids that gave an empty required field remain yellow
  • Make “add’ trigger a save. If there is no project name, add a dialog that forces that – done.
  • Make the lab dropdown loads from a config file – done.

Dong Shin 08.22.2014

  • set budget centers data in Contracts and Invoices tabs in the Update Requisition Data so that correct related data are retrieved
  • added data counters to Contract and Invoices tabs
  • working on adding Labs to Requisition Data
    • added labs table, ‘TBD’ for temporary row
    • added lab column in budget_centers table
    • added lab to Update/Add Requisition Data panel
    • added insert/update code

Phil 8.22.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Task number query is messing with taskID query – removed taskID query. Junit test seems OK
  • add multiple role checks during login. – Added to java code. Passed Junit.
  • Scrollbars is not working. Test with other browsers. Tested and all seems to work. added reset-min.css to see what gives.

Dong Shin 08.21.2014

  • added Invoices and Contracts to Financial Data Editor
  • Contracts for the invoices are shown only related Requisitions
  • fixed FACTS Outlay not showing

Phil 8.21.14

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Deployed FR, FA, RA
  • Need to add Project Number to comments – done
  • Need to format HTML – done. That’s a wierd one, too. If you’re using a div, then setContent() getContent() works like a charm. But since I’m using IE8 compatable textarea, I have to convert CR to <br/>. using JavaScript’s replace() function to do it all by regex.
  • Need to add scrollbar to FundingRequestPanel – done
  • Remove “Testbed” – done

Phil 8.20.14

8:00 – 4:30 SR

  • DB Backups,
  • Deploy new FR, FA, RA and db updates to production server
  • Change queries top use login and fr_name
  • Change queries to inner joins
  • Handle load of empty project
  • Work on task number insert query
  • Change it so that other roles can see all FRs
  • Junit tests
    • Bad login
    • Good login
    • Empty project
    • Create project
    • Update project delete project