Phil 8.1.14

8:00 – 5:30 SR

  • DB and webapps backup
  • Deployed new FA, but had to roll back because the FMPs were broken
  • Working on getting all the login permutations handled.
    • Added status return if no entries found.
    • Added fr_name parameter to the getPanel call.
  • Built the load query
  • Added a method that iterates through the array of results and builds the panel from that
  • Hooked op the FundingRequestPanel to the fromArray() method and connected it to the login. I still need to adjust the behavior based on whether the role is admin, but it works.
  • Added a load event to FundingRequestPanel
  • Added a method to grab the array of results and feed it to all the panels except FundingRequestPanel.
  • Tested and wporking for one funding request and the Administrator role.

Saved out and loaded in from the DB:



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