Phil 8.5.14

8:00 – 6:00 SR

  • Submit button
  • Clear button – done
  • Why are the buttons turning yellow on load? State issues. Fixed
  • Check to see that users are not being changed on save.
  • Disable access to dropdown and remove NA from list – done
  • The Submit and changed users are the result of the data about a funding request (name, approval) are being saved in the FundingRequestPanel as part of each submission. There needs to be a fr_master_table:
    • uid: hash of frName and login
    • frName
    • status
  • This table will be used by FundingRequestPanel (FRP) only, and the FRP will not be stored in the fr_panel_table. Rows will not be kept in the table. Instead, the rows will be reconstituted. This means that a lot of the base class functionality (_fromArray(), _toJson()) will have to be rewritten to access the new table. Login will read from this table and if there is data to load, then the FRP will show. Maybe show it anyway, with a “New” button that fires a “FundingRequestPanel:clear” event.

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