Phil 8.7.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups – done
  • Deploy new FR app – done
  • Update index page with link and description – done
  • Removed “Update” button for a while
  • Need to add top and bottom marking <div>
  • Add delete FR and delete row functionality to client
  • Update should “add” if there are no rows
  • Make sure that the year is greater  or equal to today – done
  • Add validators to update
  • Add logger – done
  • Send error message back to client for alert.
  • Make sure that date parser is correct – may need to add one to month – done
  • leave ‘@’ in string validator – done
  • Add default zeros in number fields – done
  • Realized that using delete/add would cause artifacts in the DB, changed it so that the table has the old funding request deleted before the new one is added.

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