Monthly Archives: September 2014

Dong Shin 09.30.2014


Phil 9.30.14

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Lost server access over the break so no deployments or backups today. The single point of failure failed. Working on getting access restored.
  • Status reports.
  • Uploaded code from the break to subversion
  • More Angular
  • Installing newer/better xampp

Dong Shin 09.29.2014

Dong Shin 09.26.2014

  • working on Java services to provide User interface….
    • pretty good example on using Spring and JSON –
    • above leads to
    • AngularJS and Spring REST example –
    • created Dynamic Web project – FinancialAssistantService
    • using log4j2
    • got getUsers working….
    • working on add user (JSON)

Dong Shin 09.25.2014

  • reworked Save Query to be simpler
    • removed queries datagrid
    • modified the form
  • more AngularJS!

Dong Shin 09.24.2014

  • managed to blow up the flex workspace again! almost lost all recent code changes.
  • working on Query Mgmt
    • drop cannot be received on closed parent item and empty parent doesn’t open up on click! manually open up the empty folders…
    • ALTER TABLE `qb_queries` CHANGE `query` `query` TEXT NULL DEFAULT NULL;
    • got drag and drop to work
    • got save / delete to work
    • done!

Dong Shin 09.23.2014

  • went over the queries with Lenny
  • working on Query Mgmt…
    • separated Query DG to a component – QueryMgmtPanel
    • added folder_name to qb_queries table

Dong Shin 09.22.2010

  • got the user login to talk to the test server
  • working on server side.
    • Grails reverse-engineering with JSON get/post support?
    • starting with users table
    • Eclipse Juno not working well with Hibernate Tools
    • Eclipse Kepler crashing randomly running out hander? – reverted back to original install
    • installed JBoss tools (Hibernate) in Eclipse Kepler
    • create Hibernate Configuration for Reverse Engineering (auto generation of POJOs)
    • successfully generated classes and configurations from PPM database (project_porftolio_enh)!!
  • from Lenny
    • PM Actuals not color coded correctly in the new Query Builder
    • add folders to organize queries?

Dong Shin 09.19.2014

  • start using WebStorm! Eclipse JavaScript development not working well with AngularJS
    • change default IDE settings –
    • modify C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\WebStorm 8.0.4\bin\ file
      • idea.config.path=${user.home}/Dropbox/DEV/webstorm/config
      • idea.system.path=${user.home}/Dropbox/DEV/webstorm//system
      • idea.plugins.path=${idea.config.path}/plugins
      • idea.log.path=${idea.system.path}/log
  • continue on AngularJS tutorials
  • working on User Login

Dong Shin 09.18.2014