Phil 10.16.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • MaintainJ – reverse engineered diagramming. Unfortunately, it’s $99 to license. Examine later….
  • AgileJ eclipse plugin. Produces class diagrams. Update site: Using that.
  • Working on JavaUtils
    • Generated class diagrams for all packages
    • Finished PropertyLoader
    • Finished SSLUtilities
  • Working on javaUtils.database
    • Finished DbHelper
    • Finished DbTable
    • Finished DbTypedTable
    • Not sure what to do with SQLResult yet. Need to find out where it’s used, and call hierarchy doesn’t work until the code compiles. If it’s anywhere, it’s in FinancialAssistant, which we will get to shortly.
  • Working with javaUtils.dbObjects
    • Finished BaseObject
    • Finished CreateTableObject
    • Finished InfoObjectManager
    • Finished InsertObject
    • Finished QueryObject
    • Finished QueryResponseObject
  • Working with javaUtils.logging
    • Finished Log4jInit
    • Finished VisibilityLogger
    • Finished LoggingEntry
  • Fixed ScriptEngine on the way to fixing FinancialAssistant

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