Dong Shin 11.18.2014

  • working on master table to include required fields for Direct Cite/Reimbursable processing
    • query to summarize Direct Cite/Reimbursable
    • SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(requisition_id),
      MAX(obligation_date) AS obligation_date,
      MAX(expensed_date) AS expensed_date,
      SUM(obligated_amount) AS total_obligated_amount,
      SUM(expensed_amount) AS total_expensed_amount,
      SUM(IF(po_reference LIKE ‘HH98230%’,obligated_amount,0)) AS reimbursable_obligated_amount,
      SUM(IF(NOT po_reference LIKE ‘HH98230%’,obligated_amount,0)) AS direct_cite_obligated_amount,
      SUM(IF(po_reference LIKE ‘HH98230%’,expensed_amount,0)) AS reimbursable_expensed_amount,
      SUM(IF(NOT po_reference LIKE ‘HH98230%’,expensed_amount,0)) AS direct_cite_expensed_amount
      FROM budget_center_contracts
      WHERE NOT ISNULL(budget_center_id)
      GROUP BY budget_center_id;
    • REGEXP
    • SELECT po_reference, IF( po_reference REGEXP ‘^H98230-[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]’, ‘REIMBURSABLE’, ‘DIRECT CITE’) FROM `budget_center_contracts`
  • fixed RA not enabling PM Actuals in current month
  • deployed new FA/RA with updated __view_project_detailed_data
    • need to tweak how to determine Direct Cite/Reimbursable
  • discussed how to show Direct Cites/Reimbursables
    • should show in Scripting and/or Visibility
    • group by Budget Centers (Capabilities – ACC, GCC) and individual contracts/req along with totals

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