Phil 12.8.14

8:00 – 3:00 SR

  • DB backups
  • Realized that our old servers were probably still associated with the CP registry. Looked for a way to change that but couldn’t find one. Talked to Ronda, she’s looking into it.
  • Got another OMFG the server’s going to be turned off by the end of the year if we don’t do anything ASAP! Fortunately, I was able to point Agena at that. Whee!
  • Had a discussion with Dong about structuring projects. For the time being, we will continue doing the following:
    • Eclipse is for Java projects. They are assembled within the IDE (no maven!) so that we have nice jar packaging. Test deployment using Eclipse’s Tomcat server.
    • Client software runs in Webstorm/IntelleJ and deploys to the test tomcat directory, generally in wtwebapps
    • MySQL is developed using PHPMyAdmin and MySqlWorkbench
    • That being said, my dream of full cloud development appears to be near:
  • Angular.
    • Leaning how to use the animation function definition. Mentioned in the text, Greensock has some interesting stuff.
    • Javascript transition animation for ng-class DON’T FORGET – the name of the animation function uses css class naming convention of preceding the name with a period. E.g. angular.module(‘aniModule’. [‘ngAnimate’]).animation(‘.rememberThePeriod‘, [function (){}]);

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