Phil 1.8.15

7:30 – 4:30 SR

  • DB backups
  • Some back and forth with Agenia about when to meet next. Some morning next week
  • Nearly fixed the dynamic charts.
    • ‘ISR-PMO’ chokes the query.
    • The goals seem to have problems on FY boundries.
  • Deployed Dong’s FR app on the test server and it seems to work
  • Spent some time going over the FR Angular code, and there are some very weird things. In the process of fixing(?) them, we broke the app. Dong’s looking into that now.
  • Started to pull the iRev code apart and use inheritance. The use of all the functions and pointers seems to be working fine, but there’s a lot of code to move around. I think I’ll create an iRevApps2 directory and populate with cleaned items. At this point I’m thinking that the organization should look something like this:
    • globals – contains JS objects that are used throughout the applications
    • angular – contains the actual angular code used by the application. A single file for a simple SPA should look something like this:
// The Angular code
(function(angular, ml, undefined) {
    angular.module('globalsApp', [])
            .factory('GlobalsService', [ml.factoryPtr]);

    angular.module('inheritApp', ['globalsApp'])
            .controller('MainCtrl', ['GlobalsService', ml.childPtr]);
})(angular, myLogic);
    • then I’m not sure. There needs to be a place for common/base classes. Then possibly folders for each SPA component? Here’s Google’s style guide to ponder.

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