Phil 2.3.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Deploying new FR, with debugging. Everything but the login works. Dong is perplexed.
  • More Angular. Working on figuring out how to do complex directives. Huh. The secret is to understand that directives are static. And it turns out that factories are static too.
  • I’ve got my test app now working with
    • a controller
    • a service
    • a directive (with link function)
    • a factory.
  • Next, inheritance on all of the above.
    • Back to TypeScriptEssentials….
    • Modified the command line for the tsc compiler (under ‘watch’). It’s now tsc.cmd –declaration –noImplicitAny –target ES5 –sourcemap <filename>
    • Inheritance works like a charm. Classes with static functions (Factories and Directives) are a bit problematic, since there’s no ‘this’ to refer to. This means that functions are referred to by their fully qualified name (i.e., rather than Overloading can’t quite work the way that I’d like to. That being said, the static functions do come along for the ride, so as long as all the references are updated, everything works the way it should.

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