Dong Shin 02.17.2015

  • working off items from Lenny/Chris
    • change the order of buttons
    • POC’s should be user specfic, can be used from other FRs added by the same user
    • ISR PMO panel
      • Only admins can enter ISR PMO information
      • change ISR PMO POC to ISR PM
      • Req # is text, not drop down
      • Prior Req # comes from FA database
    • Project Description panel
      • add Project Lab PM after Project Lab
      • add text – Select the Service this project is supporting
    • Funding Description
      • Mailing Address not required from EA/REQ
    • Funding Details
      • hide Direct Cite/Reimbursable for EA/REQ
      • remove FY 10 from Appropriations
      • move Funding Type from Funding Description panel (copy?)
    • Contract Process
      • change FR Processing to Invoicing Processing Procedures
        • ACRN, Batch Processing, FIFO, Other
      • remove 100% funds required
      • change Explanation if Other to Invoice Instruction
    • Funding Requirement
      • single entry not multiple
      • remove Justification
      • Date Needed, Amount Needed, 100% Required to Obligate (Yes or No)
    • Contract Labor, Government Labor, Travel, Equipment/Material
      • add Contract # from Contract Details
      • Yes or No
    • Outlay Plan
      • remove Month 13-15
      • auto fill rest when 100%
      • check if value is > amount from Funding Details
    • Service Fee
      • Yes or No
      • Justification is textArea
    • FFRDC
      • Yes or No
      • hide when no
    • Contract Details
      • Yes or No
      • add Are any of the funds being required being placed on contract?

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