Dong Shin 03.03.2015

  • new items from Chris/Lenny
    • move Project Number to ISR PMO panel from Project Description panel
    • Project Lab PM in Project Description panel is drop down
    • at least one POC required on each tab in Point of Contacts panel
    • add “Are the funds being placed on existing or continuing contracts?” to Contract Details panel
      • if YES to first, show second and the details grid
      • if NO to second, set contact number to TBD
    • enable buttons in order of completion
    • remove default 0’s
    • remove Funding Type from Funding Description panel
    • Funding Requirement button turns yellow
    • auto fill Obligations when 100%
    • add error/warning for values greater than Funding Amount in Obligations/Outlays
    • Invoice Instruction should be visible for all
    • FRContractDetails error when saving….
  • deployed IE8 error handling, but didn’t work. moved the code from angular to html, see if that helps…
  • working on FR
    • added $timeout to hide Save success message
    • buttons are enabled in order of completion
    • fixed Funding Requirements showing incomplete when complete
      • angular.isBoolean() returns undefined!!! Looks like it’s not implemented yet.
    • added second Contract Details flag
      • First YES – show Contract Details
      • Second NO – set Contract Number to TBD

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