Phil 3.6.15

7:30 – 3:30 SR

  • Surprisingly, the 10″ of snow that fell yesterday is still there.
  • Setting up the charting project. I’m going to leave AngularThreeTS untouched and just copy it over. I’m expecting the WebGL classes to still change while I work on these components. Once done though, it will go into the libraries with the WebGL directive? Not sure about that yet…
  • A really nice explanation of SQL joins.\
  • Working on the classes to return typed data from queries to the charts. Can’t do trending without knowing what’s a date. Updated FileUtils DbTypedTable with toString() and toExcel()
  • Copied over the AngularThreeTS directory. Now I need to pull in the query parts from iRevdb.
  • Verified that CanvasBase.removeModel still works.
  • Added a minimum set of query capability. Right now, it’s in a separate htmls page, but I should be able to integrate pretty soon.

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