Phil 3.24.15

8:00 – 4:30 SR

  • Lenny’s out for the week. Going to coordinate with Don and Mike(?) for the time being.
  • Need to set up cluster and stacked barcharts. I think it’s mostly a size and offset issue, so there need to be multiple arrays. Since area charts and bar charts pretty much use the same raw data, I think I’ll make a data object that contains the needed data. That can be set by a server call and passed in regardless of the chart type. Cluster bar charts are just offset by the index times the width. The width in turn is the spacing divided by the number of columns and clusters.
  • It strikes me that if we have enough problems having hardware rendering, that we can use raytracing. Either in the server (povray), or using the threejs raytracer. There is no THREE.RaytracingRenderer in definitelyTyped though.
  • Found a bug while making sure that the software rendering looks ok (it does). Fixed. The OrbitControls were resetting the camera origin. I just needed to not set OrbitControls if the scene is not dynamic.
  • Added ChartInfo class that stores all the numbers for a bar chart or area chart. Compiles, will test tomorrow.
  • Burned a disk containing the newest threejs for Bill.

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