Monthly Archives: May 2015

Phil 5/29/15

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Was going to deploy chart tests but Bill got stuck doing other things.
  • Add base and reflections to chart
  • Reflections are done and working. Had to add reflectivity back in. Also, don’t forget that reflections require a cubemap.
  • Actually had to add the UV components for the plane by hand. Huh. Pretty progress for the day though…



Dong Shin 05.28.2015

  • chart not deployed, will burn everything on CD
  • tried FR on IE11, amounts not working correctly – not shown at all after entering.
  • working on Authorized User control for FR

Phil 5.28/15

8:00 – 4:30 SR

  • Tried to deploy chart test, but we were missing some library files. Will try again tomorrow.
  • Ronda’s back, got her started on certs for the new server
  • More 3D charting.


  • Need to make tooltips more informative, and place on a textured plane. Also, need to get reflections working again.

Dong Shin 05.27.2015

  • working on charting
    • using route to provide FY, Appropriation, Capability?
    • creating classes for each FY, App, Cap… done
    • added charts for each to the html
  • experimenting with routing…

Phil 5.27.15

8:00 – 4:00

  • Servers are now current.
  • John P. Is having some problems with the FR tool. Printing the email.
  • Deleting all references to the evil callbacks.
  • Found a bug in the rendering code that would attempt to clear highlights of objects that weren’t there.
  • Added some static default messages to ATSMessanger. Using this post for best practices.

Phil 5.25.15

8:00 – 4:30 SR

  • Still working on updating the servers.
  • Need to do self-assessment today – done.
  • Added message passing to support queries. Much nicer. Deleting the crazy callback code.
  • Messaging works for the canvas as well. Going to keep but deprecate the callback.

Dong Shin 05.26.2015

  • more charting
    • adding cg-busy directive to services
    • downloaded CSS spinner – does the trick using ng-show/ng-hide

Dong Shin 05.22.2015

  • added new Project Names and Project Lab PMs on site
  • back to charting….
    • after some struggling, managed to have the chart show up after data retrieval
    • changed min_max to minMax

Phil 5.22.15

8:00 –  4:00 SR

  • Updated the FR database
  • Since the test server accepted its patches, I’m now updating the production server.
  • Flexbox CSS – need to see how this works with WebGL, since I think I need absolute in spots.

Phil 5.21.15

7:30 – 1:30SR

  • Installing updates on the test server
  • Backups
  • Deployed some FR fixes