Phil 6.16.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • We need to change the Funding breakdown error message so that it shows the amount of the error. The current message is confusing (“Funding Breakdown Total is less than the amount … $449,999.00”). Change to read “Funding Breakdown total is $36.17 less than the required amount”.
  • We need to change the ‘add users’ so that a new user added should immediately get added to the “role selection” popup without having to go through the selection of the just-added user.
  • Installed the new version of WebStorm. The deployment now seems buggy. Spent an hour getting everything to work again. Good thing I had notes.
  • Back to working on fake data generator for network
  • Changed I3DMinMax to I3DProperties. Not sure I like it, but there is more getting stuffed in there.
  • Got a first pass at the data provider. Need to do the format, then modify the chartInfo so that the graphic objects can be created.

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