Phil 12.31.15

Phil 7:00 – 4:00 VTX

  • Decided to get a copy (hopefully with student discount) of Atlas. It does taxonomic analysis and outputs a matrix to Excel that I should be able to use to produce PageRank???
  • Timesheets! Done
  • Seeing if I can add a bit of reflection to addXXX(YYY) that will invoke add/setYYY(XXX). Since the target is a map, it shouldn’t care, but I do need to worry about recursion…
  • Added addSourceToTarget() and testSourceInTarget() to GuidBase. So Now addM2M looks like
    public void addM2M(GuidBase obj) throws Exception {
        addSourceToTarget(this, obj);
        addSourceToTarget(obj, this);

    and the example of Showroom.addCar() looks like

    public void addCar(Car car){
        if(cars == null){
            cars = new HashSet<>();
        try {
            if(!testSourceInTarget(this, car)){
                addSourceToTarget(this, car);
        } catch (Exception e) {

    Which now means that the two way mapping is automatic. And in case you’re wondering, testSourceInTarget looks first for a method that returns the source type, and then looks for a method that returns a Set<source type>. If it find the source in either one of those, it returns true.

  • Got queries running. Simple queries are easy, but the more complex ones can be pretty ugly. Here’s an example that pulls a Showroom Object based on a nested Person Object (instanced as ‘customer’):
    // do a query based on a nested item's value. Kinda yucky...
    Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(Showroom.class, "sh");
    criteria.createAlias("sh.customers", "c");
    List result = criteria.add("", "%Aaron%")).list();
    for(Object o : result){

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