Phil 3.18.16

7:30 – 4:00 VTX

  • Continuing Presenting Diverse Political Opinions: How and How Much – Finished. Wow.
    • Some subjects wrote that they specifically did not want a list of solely supportive  items and that they want opinion aggregators to represent a fuller spectrum of items, even if that includes challenge.
      • So here I’m wondering if interactivity in presenting the contents of the stories could be used as a proxy for these kinds of answers. Consistently setting values one way could mean more bubbly, while more change could imply star.
    • BubbleVsStarBehaviorMaybe
    • BubbleVsStarBehaviorMaybe2
    • In a plot of the percent agreeable items and satisfaction (Figure 5, top), the slope of the fit lines for the two list lengths follow each other quite closely, suggesting that count does not matter. When we plot the number of agreeable items (Figure 5, bottom), we can see a clear divergence. Furthermore, 2 agreeable items out of a total of 8 is superior to 2 agreeable items out of a total of 16(t(7.373) = 3.3471,  p<0.05). Clearly, the  presence of challenging items, not just the count of agreeable items,drives satisfaction. We conclude that the remaining subjects as  a group are  challenge-averse, though a few individuals may be support-seeking
  • News aggregator API list: I’m wondering if a study of slider ranking hooked up to a news aggregator feed might be useful.
  • Still working on the test harness to exercise the GoogleCSE.
  • Added command line args
  • Fixed stupid threading errors.
  • Checked in.

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