Phil 4.4.16

7:00 – 2:30 VTX

  • Happy perfect square day.
  • Continuing Technology, Humanness, and Trust: Rethinking Trust in Technology.
    • Page 833: Ability/competence is the belief that a person has the skills, competencies, and characteristics that enable them to have influence in some specific domain. Benevolence is the belief that a person will want to do good to the trustor aside from an egocentric profit motive. Integrity is the belief that a person adheres to an acceptable set of principles.
    • Page 833: It is not as clear, however, whether technologies have volition or can make ethical decisions without being pre-programmed to do so. Because of this issue, some researchers have developed alternative trust belief constructs that do not assume technologies have volition or ethical decision making capability. For example, Lippert and Swiercz (2005) use utility, reliability, and predictiveness, and Söellner, Hoffman, Hoffman, Wacker, and Leimester (2012) use performance, process, and purpose to represent technology-trusting beliefs.
    • Page 833: We adopt McKnight et al.’s (2011) conceptualization of system-like trust in a technology’s reliability, functionality, and helpfulness to measure trust in technology because these three attributes were directly derived from, and are corollaries to, the human-like trust attributes of integrity, competence, and benevolence
  • The discussion on affordances started me thinking about SERPs again. This is kind of related but almost more basic – how users search within documents using find: The Myth of Find: User Behaviour and Attitudes Towards the Basic Search Feature. and the documents that cite (WRT document triage, etc) are also pretty interesting looking.
  • ———————————
  • Starting up the computers after the weekend at work today, and Skype For Business doesn’t let me log in. Says my email address is bad. And it’s not.
  • Got the PoiOptionalStrings object integrated and running.
  • Realized that I need to have a generalized ‘OptionalContent’ class. generalizing from above.
  • Need to see how JQL works with all this new stuff now.
    • Fancy JPQL query of the day:
      @NamedQuery(name = "PoiObject.getFromOptionalStrings", query = "SELECT p from poi_object p, IN (p.optStringSet) os WHERE = :name AND os.value = :value"),
    • Should I be doing this as a template? If so, what does the table get named?

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