Assistant Creator


  • New tool creation consists of the creation of the following
    • Integration of existing tables
      • User (required)
      • Roles (required)
      • Other tables from other tools
    • Creation of additional tables
      • Create tables as data-dictionary style items
        • Columns can be visible or hidden
        • Columns can be editable or not
        • Columns can have JavaScript associated with them
        • Tables can be published to other tools or private
          • Read/Write
          • Read only
    • Draw links between tables to establish relations
    • Queries
      • Each Query is a button
      • Each query contains SQL statements
      • Queries are initialy run as tests, where the result goed into a text box
      • Publishing a query
        • Creates a entry in the database that has an owner, a name, and some xml metadata.
      • Once a query is “published”, the results go into a data grid
        • Sortable
        • Exportable to Excel
        • Some level of charting
      • Published queries are created  are represented as a set of buttons or combobox
  • Tool Usage
    • Table launches with a default query, that produces a read/write datagrid that is built based on the table description (from creation, above)
    • Goal is very Excel-like behavior, with JavaScript formulas
    • Formulas are not visible in this mode.

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