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Mike 6.29.2012

  • SSP this morning at site, several things that will be required to move to production:
    • Run GPResult.exe on the server – this is already installed on the server
    • Run MBSR – controlled software from the depot
    • Make sure IAVAs are up to date
  • Put in a request to download MBSR
  • Daily backups
  • Ran GPResult, real easy, I will show Phil how next week
  • Finished up the FY11 summary report
  • Emailed some more info to Phil, a summary of recent events/people and the ‘wish list’
  • Back at the mill cleaning up my computer and desk

Mike 6.28.2012

  • Weekly Vis tool status meeting
  • server backups at site
  • Deployed a new version of PPM and PA with improved data entry and searching functionality
  • Fixed a problem with VisibilityScripting by deploying a new version
  • Ingested the result of my FY11 SQL script and starting making the FY11 summary report
  • SSP meeting rescheduled for tomorrow at 0730.

Mike 6.27.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Looked more in to the vis scripting bug.  The error is not appearing in the database so it is somewhere in the servlet that hosts the xml.
  • Delivered the weekly status to Jessica.
  • Out this afternoon for a doctor’s appt.

Mike 6.26.2012

  • Investigating issue tracking software which could be useful for the visibility project or future projects: reasonable free options are trac and bugzilla
    • Bugzilla is apparently a pain to install but works well for very large projects with lots of user feedback
    • Trac is easier to install and maintain and has great svn integration
    • Jira is the best option but costs $1,400-$4,800 per server
  • Gave a demo to Robert A. over the whole vis suite
  • Meeting this afternoon about the SSP was cancelled
  • There seems to be a bug with the vis scripting publish feature, weird characters are being appended to the beginning of the xml.  Appears to only be occurring at site.

Mike 6.25.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Helping Phil get up and running and slowly transferring files, info, etc.
  • Helped introduce Pedro to the tool, met another data entry person
  • Scheduled a demo for tomorrow
  • Working on query for a full year summary report, it’s long but it work in phpMyAdmin, going to try and put it in visibility scripting tomorrow
  • Working on cleaning up my FGM computer, putting important things in svn, saving code I think is useful, etc.

Mike 6.22.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Gave a one-on-one demo to Marty of the Vis Tool Suite
  • Talked to Denise P. about the SSP checklist, she is trying to track it down
  • Ingested a spreadsheet of all current FY11 data and will try to generate some vis tool reports against it
  • Tested some queries against the Fy11 spreadsheet
  • Need to get Jim and Jim talking to one another about $
  • Resolved an issue with the map server not working
  • Added an abbreviated label function to flexichart within Visibility:
    • 1200000000 > 1.20B
    • 1234567 > 1.23M
    • 1234 > 1.23K
    • 123 > 123

Mike 6.21.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Weekly status meeting
  • Sent copies of the documentation to Bill and Jessica
  • Deployed the new visibility to the test server
  • Updated the reports in visibility with the new charting stuff
  • Investigated a bug in PPM when submitting a funding request it would not save.  Appears to be a problem with string being too long to fit in the database
  • Improved some aspects of the charting library
  • Helped Phil build the java projects

Mike 6.20.2012

  • Regular server backups
  • Deployed the new visibility with the charting options to the integration machine.
  • Brought Phil up to speed on somethings
  • Modified park of the Col.’s report just to make sure it is working
  • Collected some feature requests from Tangie and passed them on to Dong
  • Typed up the weekly status for Jessica
  • Bug in flexichart: changing colors doesn’t seem to be applying
  • Also auto fill in series title if one is not set

Mike 6.19.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Scanned and deployed an update to PPM that added the duplicate copy feature
  • Tested the feature on the integration machine before moving to the test server
  • Demonstrated to Carla, Lenni, and Jessica how it works
  • Emailed a few or Carla’s users who were having problems, apparently they have not been granted network access which I cannot fix
  • Exported a list of all existing funding requests per Jessica’s request
  • Tried to deploy the auto-login PKI feature of visibility to the integration server but there were too many mismatches between the database, the server code, and the client, need a fresh complete version.  I’ll deploy this at the same time as the chart updates
  • Tested the chart updates some more, seem ready to go in
  • Worked with Dong to produce a few queries that will be used in visibility scripting to make some reports
  • Building and burning to a CD copies of visibility and visibilityScripting

Mike 6.18.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Compiled and tested the pki auto login functionality on the integration server.  It worked for me and Jessica. I could theoretically move it to the ‘production’ server whenever.  I don’t THINK it would lock anyone out.
  • Moved the charting package code from a sandbox project to maven flex library then compiled and deployed it.
  • I had to make some changes because it was compiling with Flex 4 and now Flex 3 to be compatible with Visibility.
    • This resulted in a few bugs and binding problems.  I think I have most of them worked out but want to test some more.