Funding Request & Financial Assistant Service (Java WebApp)

The funding request webapp consists of several different components to serve Financial Assistant and Funding Request functionalities. FinancialAssistantService is the main web application and rest of the projects generate jar files to support various other functionalities of the system. The main web application, FinancialAssistantService, uses Spring MVC framework to serve the Financial Assistant and Funding Request Data in restful ways using json format. The client applications built using JavaScript with AngularJS framework are deployed to the FinancialAssistantService server. The files checked-in to the SVN server at following locations.

Source Files (Java)

  • FinancialAssistantService – trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/Java/FinancialAssistantService
  • JarFileContainer – trunk/Java_folders/JarFileContainer
  • javaUtils – trunk/Java-folders/Utils/javaUtils
  • LoggingUtils – trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/Java/LoggingUtils
  • ReqoncilerService – trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/Java/ReqoncilerService
  • Servers – trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/Java/Servers
  • StoredQueryService – trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/Java/StoredQueryService
  • SpringLibs – /trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/Java/SpringLibs

Source File (Database Scripts)

  • FinancialAssistantService/src/database/
  • FinancialAssistantService/src/database/
  • FinancialAssistantService/src/database/logging.sql
  • FinancialAssistantService/src/database/

Build Requirements

  1. Eclipse Luna
  2. JDK 1.7 or higher
  3. XAMPP – mysql, Apache Tomcat
  4. All projects checked out

Build Process

  • Database Prep
    1. create databases; logging, visibility_scripting, project_portfolio_enh and funding_request
    2. import project_portfolio_enh database using
    3. import funding_requests database using
    4. import logging database using logging.sql
    5. import visibility_scripting database using
  • Build
    1. check out all projects and build using Eclipse
    2. publish FinancialAssistantService to Tomcat
    3. http://localhost:8080/FinancialAssistantService/ should be accessible

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