PPM/PA/FA/RA req’s and bugs and stuff

11.04.13 deployed new FA and RA

  • “Change Password” doesn’t work in FA
  • All columns to the right of Obligated Outlays are not sortable
  • Req Allocation and Committed are strings, not numbers

10.10.13 Meeting with Chris, Lenny, Phil, Dong

  • AddableListCombobox in a situation where there is an existing selection is defaulting to first value in the list, rather than the item for the Requisition, etc.
  • Financial Summary Queries should include the following columns:
    • Budget Center (for ACC, GCC, MCC & TRCO) / Sub Budget Center (for TST)
    • Req Title
    • Req ID
    • Req Allocation
    • Committed
    • Obligated
    • Obligation %
    • Obligation Goal %
    • Outlay
    • Outlay %
    • Outlay Goal %
    • PM Actuals
  • Financial Timeline Queries (will combine the overdue queries into one) should include the following columns:
    • Budget Center (for ACC, GCC, MCC & TRCO) / Sub Budget Center (for TST)
    • Req Title
    • Req ID
    • Committed Date
    • Acceptance Date
    • Days Overdue (Acceptance) – difference between Acceptance Date and Committed Date, only display those that are greater than 30
    • Obligation Date
    • Days Overdue (Obligation) – difference between Obligation Date and Acceptance Date, only display those that are greater than 30
    • Outlay Date
    • Days Overdue (Outlay) – difference between Outlay Date and Obligation Date, only display those that are greater than 60

09.20.13 – VizTool meeting

  • remove Query column from Load/Save Query
  • Obligated/Outlay has gaps between months (script/query problem)
  • change Activity Amount in Financial Data Editor (FA) from Funded to Req Allocation
  • add goal %, current(actual) % where obligation/outlay goals are displayed, remove $ values
  • organize queries with GROUP BY req_id
  • enter Contract Number in Invoice Entry (RA)
  • allow commas, periods in data entry (RA)
  • add Invoice Viewer in RA for the selected Req

09.12.13 – Viztool meeting with Chris, Lenny, Phil & Dong

  • Need to add a dialog that shows the amount of time estimated for the query (average? Min/max?)
  • Need to be able to get budgets with respect to Capability, Reqs or Projects depending on the context
  • Need to be able to click on a query result line and go to the project. If multiple projects fit the criteria, all are listed in a dialog and the desired can be selected from that
  • Add tooltip to save/load query datagrid
  • Queries by individual capability – underfunded
  • Queries by individual appropriation – underfunded
  • Add the name of the query to the QueryBuilder titlebar
  • Incorrect total for committed. May be from COGNOS
  • Add a Requisition Amount column
  • Adding a column (Appropriation?) breaks the query
  • Incorrect Obligation Outlay goal (Runs on the budget center total rather than the Req total)


  • Request from Tangie: Select project and drill down to sub-budget center (most likely a project/subproject table for VISIBILITY)
  • The type info for year 3 of RDT&E, and year 3 and 4 of Procurement appropriations isn’t showing in RA. O&M, which is 2 years, is fine.
  • Add a “Reloading data” dialog to RA on the refresh.
  • Autofill financial data (in RA) when the value is 100%
  • QueryBuilder needs to restructure the set and load dialogs
    • Set should be enabled after a query load
    • Save and publish should be accessable from the QueryBuilder dialog
    • There is a bug where ‘capability’ (in this case) is not showing up in the query, even though it seems to be in the submitted query.

08.15.13 VizTool meeting

  • add Project Budget Info columns to RA (Col Prefs)
  • add a flag to determine if FMP/Invoice windows are required (Funded Amount = 0) in RA
  • check Status column working (Planned Outlay/Obligated, PM Actuals should be checked)
  • refreshing RA datagrid should keep existing filter applied
  • add Capability column to Query Builder
  • build custom queries for Chris – need the list from Lenny
  • FACTS data should autofill financial data
    • by month, cumulative to the month
    • not editable by PMs
    • keep the higher number

07.22.13 VizTool meeting

  • add Search to Req View in RA
  • remove PM Actuals from Contracts (COGNOS) in Project Editor (FA)
  • fix SQL error updating user in User Mgmt (FA)
  • Summary Data not showing properly in Financial Data entry (FA)
  • freeze Type column in RA
  • remove all dates and MIPR description in Req View in RA

7.12.13 VizTool meeting

  • add date calculations to Funding Status
  • change column selections in order by selected
  • hide column details in Basic, set unselected in Advanced
  • add export to Visibility
  • Set query button not working properly when editing a query in the Advanced
  • remove query text display in Funding Status
  • ToolTips be to added (Lenny has the action item to get the list)
  • Labels need to be match throughout – TBD on pit crews
  • move Totals to the top of the grid due to the screen sizing(?)
  • Set query should just submit/run the query, remove the Submit button
  • add html documentation for SQL reference

6.20.13 VizTool meeting

  • incorrect Total in Project Mgmt panel
  • EA mappings to contracts disappearing on Data Upload
  • move Type field from Project Info to Req in Project Editor
  • rework Add New ComboBox – Future Enhancement
  • set it to blank on new – Future Enhancement
  • update Sub Budget Center Names in the database
  • auto-fill from COGNOS data upload – Future Enhancement
    • Reported FACTS Obligated
    • Outlay $ (Reported in FACTS)

6.3.13 – Discussion with Lenny

  • Lenny did the following and got some kind of NULL sql error. It may have happened to Carla as well
    • Created a project
    • Added service PM on the project tab
    • saved
    • Deleted the PM from the project (first tab)
    • Added a Req on the second tab
    • Added the same (now deleted) service PM to the Req.
    • Clicked ‘update’, which threw the SQL error
    • clicked close
    • Checked the record, and everything appeared to be saved properly
    • Other req updates using the same sequence did not cause the error
  • The goal is to enter one EA line item and then link multiple req’s out of unclaimed to it. Is this possible?
  • Unclaimed needs to roll up and subtotal all lines (just with matching req’s? Not sure what to do about blanks, unless there is a way to find other matching sequences)
  • There are a heck of a lot of “UPDATE budget_center_contracts SET budget_center_id= NULL where uid = xx”. It’s probably a good 70% of the logs.

5.30.13 – FA meeting with PIT crew

  • Direct Cite/Reimbursable – separate lines
  • Comitted date changes to latest
  • Set date(s) nullable
  • Reports on Committed and Obligated dates (future)
  • Total in Proj Mgmt incorrect
  • Add “Create Project” to sub project line
  • Add “View Financial Data” to sub project line
  • Double clicking should bring up subproject
  • FACTS PE resetting to null?
  • Reset login on logout
  • Verify that “Add” subproject moves a root-level project and that Remove does the same
    • Add -> “link”
    • Remove -> “unlink”
  • Double-clicking on a subproject shouold switch the project view to the subproject
  • Add a check for no budget data so that “view data” does not hang
  • “view data” contract info should come from COGNOS pull.
  • In “Funding Status” have a TOTALS line above the main grid that totals up the columns with numbers
    • Be able to add/remove columns created by the query
    • Be able to have public/private queries

5.21.13 – FA and RA

  • When Update is clicked and not all fields are filledin, we might what to pop up a dialog box saying that they are not all filled in but allowing for a save.
  • Add tooltips to buttons. In particular, we need to be clear about what saves and what cnacels without saving.
  • Add a “Select All” to the SQL error dialog, now that we have QUERIES FROM HELL.
  • RA error string: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column ‘c.appropriation’ in ‘where clause’.

5.9.13 – FA and Req Assistant (RA)

  • Add the ability to build custom, named queries instead of the dropdowns in the Funding Status screen
    • Implies column config, or something like that
    • sortable columns
    • validator for matching parens, etc might be handy
  • Anywhere a budget is entered by had, a dialog should come up when it it changed. (who, why, when, more?)
  • Switch to Budget center based table structure. This may mean that the PIT crew will have to enter all the PA data over again with the new PA.
  • Change sub projects so that there is simply a “parent id” field. Recursively search to build trees.
  • Add individual tracability to req line items
  • Funding Status
    • Common elements are in top grid
    • Unique items are in main grid
    • Queries are stored in a dropdown
    • SQL might have macros in it that cause a dialog to pop up with fields?

4.19.13 – Financial Assistant

  • Add Fiscal Year column before Req Description
  • Change Total Budget to Requisition Amount
  • Change Funded Budget to Funded Amount
  • Add Un-Funded Amount column before Date Submitted
  • Remove FY columns
  • Change Update Budget Center Data to Update Requisition Data
  • Change Date Submitted to Date Submitted to Services
  • Change Date Received to Date Received from Services
  • Change Total Budget to Requisition Amount
  • Change Funded Budget to Funded Amount
  • Add Un-Funded Amount above Date Submitted
  • Add Funded Amount and Un-Funded Amount columns between Allocated and Available
  • Remove Total Project and add a Total row below the last year row
  • Remove Total Sub Project Budget and add a Total row below the last year row


  • Keep all uploaded COGNOS pulls. Put in one table with a date field and run a filter that compares lines with previous uploaded lines to see if a new line is different and should be uploaded. Store only the different ones 04/11/13
  • Change “SOW” to “MIPR Description”. Bring up a dialog to view/edit 04/11/13
  • Add comments to line items in “Budget Information” 04/15/13
  • Add search to each table in budget information
  • Add “last uploaded date” to “Upload data buttong” It’s green if it’s today, yellow if yesterday, and red if older than that. 04/11/13
  • Select which column to view 04/17/13
  • Allow column placement and resizing
  • Comments get wrapped in a text field so that row height can expand to accomodate
  • Add handles to adjust rows visible to user
  • Move buttons to the left to maximise roles 04/17/13
  • Work on panel sizeing. The current screen frame(?) is too tall
  • Change “Close” to “Cancel” on upload 04/11/13
  • Delete “Remove Existing Data” checkbox on upload 04/11/13
  • Upload dialog will only show new data 04/11/13
  • There needs to be a way of viewing old uploads (This may be in Data Vis)
  • Get rid of “Cancel” dialog for upload 04/11/13


  • new list from the PIT crew. Note that some of these are more specific implementations of the requests entered for 3.28 (e.g. “Change “filter” to “Column Preferences” have all possible columns from Cognos selectable, and reorderable. Of particular importance is Req. Number, which should be a default.”):
Where Action From To Requester Difficulty Priority
Project Information Change Center Name Budget Center Name All 1 – Very Low
Project Information Change Center Number Budget Center All 1 – Very Low
Budget Information Change Funded Budget Funded Amount All 1 – Very Low
Budget Information Move Req Type column before Req Number column All 2 – Low
Budget Information Add Requisitions as the title above the top section Lenny 2 – Low
Budget Information Move FY13 Req Amount before Funded Amount All 2 – Low
Budget Information Change Claimed Contracts Claimed All 2 – Low
Budget Information Change Unclaimed Contracts Unclaimed All 2 – Low
Budget Information Change Date Submitted Date Requested from Services All 2 – Low
Budget Information Change Date Received Date Received from Services All 2 – Low
Update Budget Center Dialog Delete Funding Type All 2 – Low
Update Budget Center Dialog Delete Org All 2 – Low
Update Budget Center Dialog Delete Location All 2 – Low
Project Information Add Sub-Budget Center Name All 3 – Moderate
Project Information Add Sub-Budget Center All 3 – Moderate
Budget Information Delete Total Budget Column All 3 – Moderate
Budget Information Change FY13 FY13 Req Amount All 3 – Moderate
Budget Information Add Filter to Requisition Section Lenny 3 – Moderate
Budget Information Add Number validator to Req Number All 4 – High
Budget Information Add Description Column under Unclaimed All 5 – High
Budget Information Add Req Number under Unclaimed All 6 – High
Budget Information Add Ability to associate requisitions with EA journal # Carla / Lenny 7 – High
Budget Information Add The EA journal# line to total the associates requisitions financial data Carla / Lenny 8 – High


  •  Calculate the BASE (“xxBxxx”) and OCO (“xxJxxx”) using the 3rd letter of the program element. Should be no need to have a button.
  • Program Element -> FACTSPE
  • Center Name -> Budget Center Name
  • Center Number -> Budget Center Number
  • Sub Budget Center Name
  • Sub Budget Center Number
  • Total Budget -> MIPR Amount
  • Make the total “Project Budget” grid so that 10 rows will fit in a 1280 x 1024 display
  • Add validator so that Req Number can have only numbers. No characters, or special characters
  • Remove “Contract” from Clamed and Unclaimed
  • Unclaimed:
    • Change “filter” to “Column Preferences” have all possible columns from Cognos selectable, and reorderable. Of particular importance is Req. Number, which should be a default.
    • “filter” should be search
  • Claimed:
    • Change “filter” to “Column Preferences” have all possible columns from Cognos selectable, and reorderable. Of particular importance is
    • “filter” should be search
  • Project Info:
    • Change “filter” to “Column Preferences” have all possible columns from the project data selectable, and reorderable.
    • “filter” should be search
    • Total Budget -> Req Amount
    • FYXX -> FYXX Req Amount


  • VizTool status meeting
    • Single FMP per month
      • only for Reported FACTS Obligated, PM Actuals (Invoiced) Outlay
    • remove FMP selection dialog from PA
    • View Invoice in Financial Data Entry (PA)
    • Auto populate Obligation/Outlay goals through the end of appropriation when it reaches 100% (PA)
    • discussion on questions and adding Planned Goals editor/viewer in FMP


  • Long discussion with Lenny about mapping between Req’s and $$. Our thought was that the contract would be the best way to determine how to distribute money in the case where multiple projects shared a MIPR, but it might turn out to be the Budget Center/Sub Budget Center.
  • And we still need to add a check on the version of the software that’s being run. In case it’s not written down anywhere else, it’s as follows:
    • When the software loads up for the first time, it reaches out to the DB and asks what the date of the client code is. The table has the app name (PPM, PA, VSS, DataViz, etc), and a date.
    • If the client’s date is later than the stored date, then the date on the server is updated.
    • If the client’s date is older, a dialog comes up that tells the user to remove any cached data from their browser and reload the client.
  • Project Mapping
    • Left Panel (Project Information)
      • Budget Center Name
      • Budget Center Number
      • Appropropriation
      • Type (Prime or Cofund)
      • Capability
      • Expenditure Center
      • Invenstment Portfolio
      • Program Element
      • FACTS PE
      • Project ID
      • Project Name
      • Start FY
      • End FY
      • Total Project Budget [Budget -Allocated – Available]
      • Total Sub Projects Budget [Budget – Allocated – Available]
      • Services
      • Service Project Manager (site)
      • Service Finance POC (site) <- This may be able to be removed since the Service PM enters the data
      • Finance Analysis (NSA)
      • Portfolio Manager (NSA)
      • Executive Summary
      • Comments
    • Middle Panel (Requisition Information) – Top
      • Requisition Description
      • Requisition Type
      • Requisition Number
      • Requisition Total Budget
      • Requisition Funded Budget
      • Date Submitted to Services
      • Date Received from Services
      • Date Submitted to BA/BF
      • Acceptance Date
      • SOW
    • Middle Panel (Requisition Information) – Bottom
      • Unclaimed Requisitions
    • Right Panel (FACTS information) – Top
      • Contract Number
      • Vendor Name – Could be hidden and available via a query or report in order to fit all fields on one screen
      • ACRN
      • Location – Could be hidden and available via a query or report in order to fit all fields on one screen
      • Committed Date – Could be hidden and available via a query or report in order to fit all fields on one screen
      • Committed Amount
      • Obligation Date  – Could be hidden and available via a query or report in order to fit all fields on one screen
      • Obligation Amount
      • Expensed Amount
      • Expensed Date – Could be hidden and available via a query or report in order to fit all fields on one screen
      • PM Actuals (from PA)

02.06.13 – update added (02.07.13) per Chris and Carla’s comments (red)

Notes from Viz Tool status meeting

When a MIPR has been funded or the funding level on a MIPR has changed (not changed but increased) a dialog comes up when the user logs in, asking for the Planned Obligated and Planned Outlays through the end of the apppopriation.

FMPs come up according to the following rule

  • if the Reported FACT obligation is less than the planned obligation after one month
  • If the PM Actuals is less than the outlay goal and less than the Funded budget (95%?) leave the PM Actuals as the main criteria. However, once the outlay goal exceeds the Funded budget then the FMP does not come up (and is no longer relevant) since the service lab could not possibly meet the outlay goal since they have not been sent enough funds.


  • Identifier is now Contract # and MIPR #
  • Add “Funded Budget” under Budget
  • Hide
    • Expenditure Center
    • Investment Portfolio
    • Program Element
    • FACTS PE
  • Add Contract Number(s) to Status View – also need to add drop down identifier to status view
  • Reported Actual Obligated becomes FACTS Obligated (Grayed out in PA, imported from COGNOS)
  • Add a button to copy FMP content from previous month
  • The only editable fields for the services are
    • Planned Obligated
    • Reported Obligated – should be grayed out, change to Reported FACTS Obligated
    • Planned Outlay
    • PM Actuals
  • In the Alerts, the budget center are showing in the MIPR column
  • When there is no commited(i.e. funded budget = 0 for all MIPRs in a project) project should be grayed out (NOT Active?)
  • Show all alerts in a single window for the user instead of individual alerts


  • Contract number in too many tables, and not showing  up in PA. Need to keep a single contract between project and funding request, and that should always show up in the invoice dropdown in PA


  • Add in a test that checks the DB for the latest “Compiled” string and evaluates the date. If the local date is less than the DB date, the app throws up an “Update” dialog with instructions for FF and IE. If the date is greater, the app updates the string in the DB, otherwise things start normally.


  • When contracts dialog comes up, limit the contracts dropdown to project related contracts in PA 1/17
  • Remove Incomplete status in PA 1/17
  • When commited == 0, auto fill current months (via script?) in PA
  • fix incorrect fiscal month in PA  1/17

01.16.13 – requested by Lenny

  • Duplicating projects should have a checkbox for each of the following to appear in a dialog before the action
    • Budget Center line
    • Associated funding requests
  • Funding Requests should have a field that points back to the source project (UID, Project ID, etc.)


  • Possible addition of unique ID# (String) to identify MIPR/Budget center for updating COGNOS/FACT data – discussion later
  • Reported Outlay shows up in Summary in PPM
  • Current Month not correct in PPM


  • Contract # should be a blank text field in Enter Invoice Diaglog
  • Delete “Reported Outlay” from all views (PPM and PA)
  • Fix DB so that the greater amount of PM Actuals or Reported Outlay is copied into the lower field. Also copy FMP.
  • Default to “Reporting Month”
  • For any row that is less than 100% use only those rows to calculate “incomplete” and “due”. When all rows are 100%, the item is current forever.
  • “Planned Outlay” becomes “Spend Plan Baseline”
  • For any row that equals 100%, auto-fill through the end of the contracts in PA (same rule as PPM)
  • No tool tip in PA list view


Worked out how to handle items in PA, when it is time to enter them, but they are not overdue. The states will now be as follows:

  • Current. Everything is filled in
  • Incomplete. Something is filled in, and the item is not overdue
  • Due. It is time to fill out the item (i.e. Between the 1st and 17th of the month is the “Due” period for the previous month
  • Overdue. An item that does not have all fields filled in that is past the “Due” date (i.e. the 17th)


  • totals for sub projects still not working
  • Total Budget in Project Management panel doubles for sub projects
  • incomplete (missing Budget Center/MIPR) sub projects don’t show in the parent project
  • Funding Request selection needs to be expandable/resizable
  • Funding Request needs save confirmation on window close
  • need search capability in Database Mgmt panel


  • add more info (Budget Center/MIPR) for Financial Status Data selection
  • the current year seems incorrect in Financial Status Data
  • % calculation seems incorrect
  • make sure Total Allocated in Project Management panel are correct


Bugs for the Day (BftD?)

  • PA has a SQL error when used by Christine G. I have a print out. It may be the same MySqlIF problem that PPM had. Need to check with Dong.
  • Subprojects are only showing 0.00 for Total Allocated. May have something to do with adding people to the project?


Bug list from Jessica

  • Make the the month before the current month before the current month highlight in the monthly financial data data grids
  • Make a project past due if it is not entered by the 14th of each month (should be a variable in the DB, setupXML or properties)
  • Invoices pop up even if the PM actual is zero (PPM data entry screen)
  • Allow editing of start year after creation of the project, and for the backwards editing of end years
  • Sub-project incomplete status is not calculating correctly for the (parent?) project. A set of sub-projects apparently entered completely over a period of days flag as incomplete.
  • Add Document number (Found in Funding Request-> Finance Data Tab->Document Number field) amount column to Funding Requests table (Projects->Funding Requests->Modify Funding Request). Column replaces Funding type, and should be the second column.


  1. Jessica found a bug (or at least, something bug-ish). If an invoice has a zero value, it still saves.


  1. Highlighted fields for PPM and PA should reflect that users are entering data for the previous month. “Past Due” should reflect the 14th of the month (though this should be settable in the DB or settingsXML) in PA


Discussions with JR about how to handle the 14 or so users who can’t access the tool led to the decision to use the spreadsheet generator. The following issues need to be addressed.

  1. All emails for a person should be listed in the “cut and paste” email that’s generated. If there is no email in a particular field, then it should probably read “unset” rather than blank or some unprintable character, which is what’s happening noe.
  2. August is misspelled.
  3. We need to write a script that produces a table with user, project, description, status, and month (for the last 4 months maybe?) as rows. This will let us produce reports in VISIBILITY.
Also, it seems to me a good idea to have a change log added to the Utils section. It would just be a cut-and paste of the logs showing what’s been done and when.


Set up a query that shows the amount of 2011 data still unset. Need to make the following changes:

  1. Month numbers should become month names
  2. Budget Center id needs to be BC name.
  3. There should only be 3 results by month (NULL or ‘Nothing Entered’), 0.0, or ‘non-zero’


Meeting with Jessica and Dong

  • Desired tables for Data Navigator (Demo on week of July 23):
    • Status
      • Project Name
      • Portfolio Manager
      • Service
      • Current (i.e. FY12) budget
      • Percent under (10%, 20%, etc)
      • Weeks late since last report
      • Number of late reports
      • Appropriation
      • Budget Center
    • Financial Mitigation Plans
      • Project Name
      • Capability
      • Mitigation Plan(s)
      • Outlay Rate (current year)
      • Outlay Goal (current year)
      • Obligation Rate (current year)
      • Obligation Goal (current year)
      • Outlay Rate (previous year)
      • Outlay Goal (previous year)
      • Obligation Rate (previous year)
      • Obligation Goal (previous year)
      • Current outlay (goal – rate)
      • Current obligation (goal – rate)
      • Appropriation
      • Budget Center
      • Current year budget
      • Previous year budget
    • Tool Usage
      • User
      • Time using tool by week
      • Role
    • Appropriation Charts by Project
      • Goals are plotted for the entire appropriation schedule (i.e. Procurement = 3 yrs, RDTE = 2yrs, etc)
      • Obligations, outlays, committed, and PM Actuals are plotted to the current date
    • Summed Appropriations over time
      • Current Year
      • Previous Year
      • All projects in a particular appropriation are summed
      • All goals are summed, etc.


  • Data Field combobox needs to expand to fit longer names. Also adding tooltips – Phil
  • Need to update the documentation for FlexiChart – Phil
  • Only FACTS data should be hidden from non-admins – Dong
  • Desire to be able to promote/demote parents and children. It should be possible to promote a child to a parent and demote its parent to a child role – Dong
  • Need to see all parent/child budgets in project summary view -Dong
  • Change FACTS query so that spending lines continue rather than go to zero. Dong/Phil


  • all _projects* tables need to have cascade set
  • Vis Tool Wish List
    1. Generate graphs similar to what is contained in the monthly financial briefing.
    2. Be able to print the financial brief from the tool.
    3. Show table on the program management screen that shows available balances (we shouldn’t have to type in the money remaining to be sent, it should calculate automatically by subtracting the MIPRs from the overall budget).
    4. Create a report that mimics the weekly execution summary report we send to Hoop.
    5. Incorporate the “Steve Sheldon” report into the tool so that specific data can be queried ad hoc by MIPR. Create a report that sos MIPRs by Org and Location and highlights the Orgs that have received more than $5M.
    6. Add the capability field to the PM display screen
    7. Have the ability in FY13 to import Cognos data into specific fields within the tool (to eliminate manual entries).
    8. Have internal NSA PMs log into the tool to enter data about EAs.
    9. Spend plan entry (services vs. Pit Crew)
    10. Ability to track STE/FFRDC
    11. MIPR time in process metrics – tool should have the ability to capture how long it takes for MIPRs to get through the different stages of the MIPR process by either pulling FACTS data, pulling dates off of our tracking sheets, or a combination of both.


Bugs found

  • Financial Mitigation Plans cannot be opened for previous entries when skipped
  • Invoices cannot be opened
  • filter not working in Database Mgmt panel
  • sometimes Funding Request Save button not enabled


Notes from a conversation with Jessica

  • Turn off (column) sorting on Project Data entry
  • Gray out non-editable fields in PPM.
Notes from meeting with Col. Dukes:
  • Add a read-only admin user? I.e. one that can see everything, but can’t make changes
  • Need capability to print out/copy to clipboard the financial remediation. It sounds like these get included in reports
  • Comments aren’t being shown.
  • Make sure that most recent comments are on the top of the list, with date/time info
  • Unfunded Requests (UFRs) need to be downloadable. This can be done at two levels
    1. Add a link that points to a generic UFR Excel Spreadsheet
    2. Build a partially filled out UFR spreadsheet for the user to save.
  • Service Fincance POC name does not fill from dropdown selection. The field remains blank after the selection
  • Add banners like for VISIBILITY
  • Add regex for portion marking in all freeform text areas. Throw a fit if the portions are not marked.
  • Project Manager screen seems to load really slow sometimes. We might want to add something tat lets us see what it’s hanging on, but more importantly, add some loading animation so that the user doesn’t think the browser is hung.


Notes from demo prep

  • Saved desktops are not loading properly. The message ‘you don’t have permissions to see table xxx’ appears when it shouldn’t. At the very least, any user with Admin privileges should be able to see everything.
  • The help for Project Assistant is a bit overwhelming. There needs to be some kind of overview and quickstart.
  • There are some issues on Project Assistant that need to be worked.
    • The help on the main screen and the dialog aren’t the same, and don’t look like buttons.
    • The app does not resize when the browser window resizes. It holds onto it’s original size, regardless.
  • Data Navigator’s ‘browser tab title’ is showing up as ‘#’ again.
  • It is possible to save two desktops with identical names
  • VisibilityScripting does not publish large results, “packet too large” error
  • Excel Export error


Note from status meeting

  • Need to do ‘internal’ testing of external network connectivity
  • Following that we need to demo the capability of PA, PPM, and Visibility
  • Following that we will do testing of early adopters
  • Need to contact Denise Price and work with her to keep the server maintained and up to code


Notes from meeting with Tangie

  • PA
    • Identifier dropdown needs some kind of labeling, like id:foo, name: bar, etc. The currne tscheme with all the commas doesn’t work
    • The entry screen is getting too busy. We need to clarify the layout
      • Move help to a popup?
      • Choose the visible navigation?
    • Add Kristi’s help and splash screen link to tutorial
    • The grid of attributes sometimes stretches outside the containing panel, we should make the panel wider
    • Incomplete projects should not be listed
    • Too many plurals
    • Confusion between “current” state and “current” month. Let’s change “current” month to “reporting” month
    • Is the cumulative or monthly amount in? I didn’t see it.
  • PPM
    • Add Name to browser tab. Currently it’s “#”
    • Add a button that allows data to be filled on the Edit Project page, not just the financial reporting page


Notes from meeting with Chris B. about PPM and PA. All notes are about PA unless PPM is explicitly noted

  • Add auto-fill capability
    • Value (selectable) fill up to a certain month. The default is zero. This might makes sense to do as a popup dialog. There are a lot of options, but it will be used infrequently. 11/21/11
    • When a value us equal to 100%, auto fill that value to the end of the period of performance for that line item. Again, we may want to have a popup that says “This value is equal to 100% of the appropriation. Would you like this to be auto filled to the end of this appropriation?”
  • Add button to PPM “Project Editor” page that will open the appropriate monthly financial data entry page
  • FACTS data should only show for Admin.
  • Change “PM Actuals” to “PM Actuals (invoiced) Outlay
    • Copy values from PM Actual cell to Reported outlay cell (in PPM and PA)
    • hide “Reported Outlay” line in PA only
  • Entry should be selectable for monthly or cumulative. If entered as monthly, then it will be added to the previous month and shown in the cell as cumulative.
    • Dropdown should say “Enter Monthly Value” or “Enter Cumulative Value”
    • Only in Month View
    • Force to Cumulative if previous month is zero.
  • Year View in PA should be editable only by users with Admin (actually, probably NSAHQ users as well?)
  • Only show unique fields on identifier dropdown. There may have to be an identifier as well – e.g. Appr: O&M (2010), Name: MyProject…
  • Make a given month current until the 17th of the next month. So a project manager would have until November 17 to enter values for October
  • Continue to integrate navigation through line items by Overdue, Incomplete, Current, or All


  • Results from meeting with Tangie
    • Contract Month should read First, Prev, Current, Next, Last. THere is no need for the << symbols
    • Selected contract month does not show up in combobox
    • If the user navigates using the comboboxes rather than the buttons at the bottom, the total number of entries should change to “X of Y records incomplete” and only the “<<First” button should be enabled
    • Common information is still missing from the header (Could be in the title bar for the panel)
    • Don’t show the (FY xxx – Yeay y) string after the X of Y string
    • Add the word “Records” to the “X of Y” string
    • Add scroll bars for financial mitigation if the browser is too small – save buttons do not appear
    • Add scroll bars for enter invoice if the browser is too small – save buttons do not appear
    • Change “Financial Data Overdue (X) to “X overdue records remaining”
    • Skip records that have zero values, just as is done with PPM
    • Add project locking to widget
    • Change the background to gray (0xAAAAAA), uneditable fields to light gray (0xCCCCCC), and editable fields to white


  • additional bugs from PPM Widgets
    • Exec Summary is still default. (10/20)
    • Don’t show the “null” in the Budget Center combobox. (10/20)
    • Remove refresh dialog, since query is now fast enough (Yay!) . (10/20)


  • list of PPM Widget bugs and enhancements from today’s test
    • Change Budget Center to something like “Identifier”, since that doesn’t seem to be a unique identifier. Maybe fine all the items that do change within a column and use them to select which line item to selct? Other common information can be displayed below the comboboxes. (10/19)
    • The current navigation gets put in a dropdown called “month” (10/20)
    • The navigation at the bottom should step through the items that need to be filled out for the selected month. There should be an indicator that shows progress through the list (maybe a progress bar and a “2 of 10” label)
    • Selected columns unselect after coming back from a Financial Data Entry dialog (10/20)
    • When changing a budget center, load times take upwards of two minutes! (10/19)
    • Should SingletonDataDictionary.getItemData() return a null if data has not been published? Changed this so that it is the case. (10/19)
    • Default columns should not include Exec Summary. (10/19)
    • “Columns” button should be changed to preferences (10/20)
    • Status should be the left-most column. (10/19)


  • list of PPM bugs from demo
    • FY Totals not showing up on Create Project Panel
    • Do not show FMP when monthly data changes to null
    • Funding Amount from Funding Request not showing in Financial Status
    • incorrect % calculation in Financial Status
    • PM Actual Outlays should come from monthly data, use it as default. If it is changed from Financial Status, keep it separate from the monthly data
    • add search to appropriate panels
    • embed/upload files


  • Role Management
    • The actions need some more description
    • Didn’t see the “can only see data I’m connected to ” option
  • Funding Request
    • Change OISR-PMO and OISR-TF to ISR-PMO and ISR-TF
    • Don’t need the “Location” column under contracts, but the Performance Location needs to be editable
  • Funding Status Data
    • The FY XX budget value isn’t calculating correctly – it should be the same as the FY XX value from the Project Editor
    • Each value in the “Amount” column comes from a single funding request. The “Remaining To Distribute” subtracts that particular amount from the total FY XX budget for that project. The Direct Cites and Reimbursables are on lines that have no Amount. In other words, there is an amount, then up to a few lines for that particular funding request, then another amount, and so on.


  • Notes from meeting with Trish here:
    • Rename appropriations so that the year is in parens  – i.e. R&D (FY10)
    • Make sure that the change ripples across the tables. It does not change in the Funding Request dialog
    • Have a line for each Direct Cite and for Reimbursable in financial status
      • And clicking on each line should bring up a unique dialog for that line
    • No ComboBox for Appropriation at the top of the Financial Status panel. Instead, on the right-hand side of the panel, have an appropriation year and appropriation month ComboBox. These should default to the correct month year for the project based on today’s date. In other words, if the money for the contract was appropriated (using project create) on Oct 1 2009 (i.e. FY10), and today is Oct 1 2010, then it’s October (month 1) of year 2.
    • Add a global refresh
    • Add an ‘Initiate’ Column and a ‘Commit’ Column to replace the Initiate/Commit’ column currently in the financial status
    • Add an ‘Initiate’ field and a ‘Commit’ field to replace the Initiate/Commit’ field currently in the funding request
    • Percent in financial status needs to be calculated against the goal percentage based on the current month/year in the appropriation cycle
    • Create query to produce VISIBILITY Table to show Direct Cite $ (outstanding) – probably by month.


  • Notes from meeting with Trish
    • Remove UID and Project ID from Funding Request Selection Dialog
    • Add the following dates to Funding Request/Funding Request Information Tab
      • MIPR/FAD Requested from Service
      • MIPR/FAD Request Received
    • Under ‘Projects’ main menu
      • Change ‘Financial Data Request‘ to ‘Monthly Status Request
      • Change ‘Enter Financial Data‘ to ‘Enter Monthly Status Data
      • Delete ‘Financial Status‘ selection
    • Financial Status Data Panel:
      • Trish wants to make sure that data changes in this section of the app are tied into the rest of the system. I.e. changes here will show up throughout the system and vice versa
      • FY Budget value is not being presented in the upper left
      • Some information (i.e. FY11 when FY10 is selected) is being shown in addition to selected info
      • The ‘updated‘ date in the ‘Remaining to Distribute‘ column should be editable
      • Appropriation in top section should be a combobox (Appropriation by year)
      • PM Actual Outlay column header should be a combobox (Appropriation by year)
      • The amount that is summed should be compared against the percentage of the appropriated budget. The difference should be shown in a colored cell. Cells should be colored according to the following scheme
        • RED if more than 5% under budget
        • YELLOW if up to 5% under budget
        • GREEN if at budget
      • Initiate/Commit, Obligation, Outlay, PM Actual Outlay columns should sum to to a value. Currently, the value shown is coming from somewhere else
      • The row of percentages should come from the appropriation. Right now, they are coming from somewhere else?
      • Edit Financial Status Data Popup Dialog
        • All updates in this panel should update funding requests and vice versa
        • Delete ‘Remaining to distribute’
        • Calculate ‘MIPR/FAD Requested From Service‘ based on (new) field in Funding Request
        • Calculate ‘MIPR/FAD Request Received‘ based on (new) field in Funding Request
        • Acceptance should be a combobox with ‘Reimburse’ or Direct Cite’ options
        • Received Contract should be a combobox with ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or “N/A’
        • Outlay and PM Actual Outlay should be editable fields
        • Comments is not saving
    • Funding Request Panel
      • Add a new field in the ‘Finance Data’ tab
        • Initiate/Commit $:
        • This should match the information in the ‘Edit Financial Status Data’ popup dialog from Financial Status Data panel
      • Add the following Radio Buttons Near the Funding Type/Project Type selections
        • Project Source: OISR-PMO, OISR-TF
  • Got the following bug when creating a funding request. It has the swf and db (dropped and reloaded) from exchange/PPM_050611
    • code: Server.Processing
      Message: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException : -1
      Detail: null


Bugs found in testing on site:

  • In the Funding Request Form, if the Description is long enough, it causes scroll bars to appear
  • When trying to save out a spreadsheet, I got an “Error Exporting Data: Error #2007” Alert box


Bug list from Christie’s email of 4/20/11

  • On the Financial Data Request (the Monthly Status Report), under the Contract information — “Amount” can be removed – it is the same thing as “Contract Amount”. One will suffice.
  • Where is the “pilot data” you used for the example of the Update Financial Data Request (The Monthly Status Report)? We just want to be sure that the request form is pulling the correct data.


Bug list from Christie’s email of 4/18/11

  • Had a remote object fault where a send failed – Channel.Connect.Failed error – this happens when trying to “Create a Funding Request”. So that error has re-occurred.
  • When changes are made in the “Financial Status” data (i.e. Enter and save comments in a line). The updated entries do not save. For instance, I save the comments, return to the line and the comments I saved are no longer there.
  • When modifying a “Funding Request” and selecting a funding request to modify, we should be able to select a funding request based on the FY, Description, Appropriation and Funding Request Type. (i.e. MIPR, FAD, EA) – we don’t need to know the creator or mailing address
  • When entering information in Tab 3 (Finance Data), we should not be forced to add contract information as we often times do not receive this information until later. We should have the ability to enter what we can.
  • On Tab 2 (Funding Request Details) we should not be forced to enter the Period of Performance or the Obligation Deadline date. We should have the flexibility to fill this information in at a later date as well. In other words, all dates should have the ability to be left blank – we should not be forced to enter something just for the sake of entering something. It is much easier to go back and update when you see a blank space, than when you just put in any date
  • The “Search” feature under Tab 3 (Finance Data) for the purpose of selecting a contract is not working and all of the contracts are not available to select. The contract options run to the end of the screen and you cannot scroll down to view the other contracts.
  • Many of the SOWs are very lengthy. Not sure what, if anything can be done about that.
  • When creating a Funding Request, you must select the project. However, once you are actually in the Funding request, it does not state anywhere, which project you have selected. Suggest displaying the name of the project and the FY
  • Has the classification tool been discussed? Much of the exec summary is marked (S) and normally any funding information in marked (TS).


After discussion with Trish, adding the following requirements to spreadsheet generation:

  • All rows from the Financial Entry tables, including the obligation and outlay goals, and percentages
  • Contract information in a section under each financial “grid”


Adding the following requirements. Expect these to change a bit as the project gets used. These are being done at this time because we need to write a document that describes the user roles.

  • Admin – Everything from NSA and Site, plus
    • Add User
    • Delete User
    • Modify User
    • Modify database elements
  • NSA- Everything from Site, plus
    • Ability to view all projects and financial data
    • Project Creation
    • Project Deletion
    • Assignment of users to projects
    • Request reports
  • Site
    • View only projects that the user is assigned to
    • Modify project data
    • Modify financial data
    • Cannot change project assignments (may possibly be able to change site assignments)


  • Deployed the new PPM but items that had dollar figures did not post while items that did not have dollar figured *did* post.


  • Instead of expenditure center, the “FT Name” should be used (as in the tabs in the financial view)
  • Any project that has a zero budget for a year does not get added to the excel file


  • Report Request status needs to be the rollup of the responses
  • Spreadsheet should have all the budget/appropriation permutations sorted by Project and then budget year.
    • Project Foo
      • FYo9, O&E appropriation year 3
      • FYo9, RDT&E appropriation year 3
      • FY10, O&E appropriation year 2
      • FY10, RDT&E appropriation year 2
      • FY11, O&E appropriation year 1
      • FY11, RDT&E appropriation year 1
    • Project Bar
      • FYo9, O&E appropriation year 3
      • FYo9, RDT&E appropriation year 3
      • FY10, O&E appropriation year 2
      • FY10, RDT&E appropriation year 2
      • FY11, O&E appropriation year 1
      • FY11, RDT&E appropriation year 1
  • Bugs found after install:
    • When running on Trish’s machine, I got a remote object error 502 when trying to save a report for the first time. This did not happen on my box, but it has a static IP address and a hole in the firewall just for it. Will try on another machine today
    • When bringing up a report request, the fields were blank until some event (i.e. show all) was clicked
    • XLS files did not contain dollar figures


  • add “… for the monthly status report deliverable which is due (month) 10th”  to the generated email.
  • Add the ability to sort and filter”Create New Request” panel and “Saved Requests” (project, status, personnel roles. etc)
  • Time that a project should be included in a report request is from the first budget year to the last budget year plus the appropriation period
  • For creating (or adding to?) a request, it may be necessary to look at projects that will become active up to some period in the future, so that as projects become active, they will be included in requests


  • Bugs – several, all hopefully having to deal with DB configuration. I gave Dong the screenshots
    • Also, add two more lines under mailing address in funding request
    • Funding request warning dialog has “financial” misspelled as “fianancial”.
    • Add “RTAs” to funding type under “detailed Information” tab
    • Selecting names seems to offer up only 20 or so names. What is the selection criteria? The same list appears for all selection buttons
    • Add check so that no start date be saved that is after an end date
    • The “Add Funding” dialog needs a sortable list for contract number – it’s a very long list. It’s also too narrow – there are some very long contract numbers. Panel is too small as well.
  • Next highest priority is the “email generator” This will produce messages to copy and paste into messages to the Financial and technical POCs
    • Create an email like the one in Funding Request for each POC that has the current financial data that they have to fill in, and the associated forms if they are not on goal
    • Have a list of all projects that the user can move through to create all emails in and easy way
    • List should have a dropdown that lets the user select the year and reporting period. Selecting a time period (FY/Quarter?) will bring up the list of POCs and the status
    • Users should be able to indicate the state of the contact:
      • Nothing done
      • Email sent out
      • Response back
      • Response entered – incomplete (if a goal has not been met and there is no justification, this should be flagged automatically. There may be an additional button if this is the case that asks the POCs for justifications
      • Response entered – complete
  • Status panel notes:
    • PPM calculated outlay should be a “checksum” of numbers. The true PM Actual Outlay needs to be entered by hand
    • Available balance is the percentage of the “last remaining to distribute” divided by the total budget
    • Goals are calculated as the total budget times the “out year” in the appropriation

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