Reqonciler Requirements

  • Ingest 
    • upload, store in a master table – specify target database/table
  • Pre-processing (Quonflict resolution)
    • execute set of rules (select queries) to ignore (discard)
    • execute set of rules (update queries) to modify (merge)
    • The result of the queries will be presented to the user zero to n times as the rules expressed by the particular query executes. For example, an ingest may have multiple requisitions that need to be merged. The query will iterate over each req# until all req’s have been satisfactorily merged.
    • There should be a “skip” option that will keep rows around to be run through the rules again if there is a need for additional guidance. It might even make sense to create the body of an email that contains all the unresolved req’s that can me sent to the responsible parties
    • Each resolved line has associated with it the date, the query used (name), the identifying fields, etc. so that a rectangular table that includes all needed info can be produces a navigable table for data visualization.
  • Post-Processing
    • process and store data in a table to be used by other applications
    • direct save of (duplicate?) table to visibility_dev2 database. This table should have all rows that had errors, the name of the query that found them , and the date that they were found. Another table, that has the dollar sum of all errors might be good to do as well, since data viz can’t do addition yet.

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