SWFManager Requirements

The SWFManager is the Flex framework in which all of our future flex applications will run.  It is responsible for dynamically loading bundles (modules) of application(s) and displaying them as needed.  It is also responsible for the layout of the applications, which application receives focus,  and handling events between applications.  Finally, it is responsible for handling the loading and changing to styles that will cascade down to applications.


  1. Will read in what Application bundles (SWF Modules) to load from xml config file
  2. Will load swfs and the classes they contain in to memory and dispatch events as they are loaded

IAPP Interface

    1. Get / Set Configuration: each app may have properties that can be configured at run-time
    2. Get Configuration screen: Apps may have UIs for configuring themselves
    3. Get Icon: Apps should have an icon for use in a taskbar type component or a menu of apps

Application Navigation

  1. Will have a menu for loading sets of applications (Cards)
  2. Will layout applications on cards appropriately as well as manage focus between (full-screened) apps
  3. Allow adding / removing of apps
  4. Save out cards with layout and app information

Style Loading

  1. Will read in what styles to load from xml config file
  2. Will load styles as swfs, apply the default one, and allow users to swap them at run-time
  3. Will save out user-preferred style for next load


  1. Need some kind of central help system
  2. Standardized tooltips that are a bit nicer than flex’s default yellow box

Look and Feel

  1. For demo purposes it should:
    1. Maintain a similar look and feel to the previous version of Visibility
      1. Try and get a halo-esque style / color scheme
      2. Similar buttons on panels?
      3. Menu options with similar wording in similar locations
    2. Have several dummy apps and cards that are easily accessible and possibly look familiar
  2. Need a set of styles, probably focus on one style for now and make it as polished as possible
  3. Preloader
  4. Need standard names for things, currently we have
    1. Apps
    2. Modules/Packages
    3. Cards (contain multiple apps)
    4. What is this whole framework called? It needs a logo!

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