Useful GWT info

Update Sites:


Development tools:

  • GWT plugin for eclipse home page:
  • Latest GWT downloads:
  • Maven Plugin:
  • gwt-platform: A complete model-view-presenter framework to simplify your next GWT project.
  • There appear to be three Google tools for GUI development: GWT Designer, WindowBuilder Pro and WindowTester Pro. GWT Designer only helps you design GWT GUIs,
    WindowBuilder Pro provides the same GWT tooling as well as support for other
    java GUI technologies like Swing and SWT. If you’re only doing GWT
    development, they’re equivalent functionality. If you’re doing other kinds
    of java GUI development, WindowBuilder Pro may be a more appropriate choice.

  • Additionally, there is CodePro Analytix, which is an analysis and testing framework. Since it’s listed in close proximity to the GWT tools, I’m assuming that it can be used on the java code used to develop client Javascript code.
  • gwtLogger – logging facility for GWT/Java projects

Third Party libraries that appear to work in IE, Firefox, and Chrome (Note, please do a little testing before adding to this list:

  • Vaadin. Based on GWT, but different?
  • Smart GWT is a GWT-based framework that allows you to not only utilize its comprehensive widget library for your application UI, but also tie these widgets in with your server-side for data management. For a quick conceptual overview of Smart GWT, read this article.






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